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Buzzfeed – 18 X Factor Performances That Will Give You Goosebumps

Aiden Grimshaw

We don’t talk about X Factor on this site very often (in fact, up until we rejigged and renamed the site last year we managed to go 18 months without mentioning it at all. It became quite the challenge we set ourselves. Oh the simple things we do here to keep ourselves amused)

It’s not that we don’t love X Factor. Far from it. Come next week our arses will be welded to our respective couches, kitchens will be ignored as takeaways are ordered and ANYONE WHO TALKS WHILE IT IS ON WILL BE GIVEN A MOST SEVERE GLARE.


If this article we’re talking about wasn’t BuzzFeed, we’d probably not mention it, but it is so we are. First, in typical BuzzFeed style we made our own lists. We spent ages doing our own Top 3 moments. My Top 3 hilarious were

3. Louis Walsh crying and biting his own finger in the sadness and melancholy of sending home Scott.

louis walsh bites finger

Look at the state of that. Hilarious.

2. JLS wishing everyone a Merry Christmas during “Last Christmas”.

... and a HAHAHAHA-Happy New Year

… and a HAHAHAHA-Happy New Year

1 . Konnie Huq’s deadpan response, “Athiests?” when Wagner said, “I am WITH GOD so who CAN BE AGAINST ME?!?” or the Gummo bit. I can’t decide.


ANYWAYYYYYY we digress.

I would put this performance higher on the goosebumps list than Buzzfeed did. (shock. But there are reasons.) When the live shows started I didn’t remember Aiden from the auditions or bootcamp or judges house really; my partner-in-crime on this site did and liked his voice from the very first audition and gives me SO MUCH ABUSE ABOUT MY FAILINGS. I might just change the passwords on her AND THEN SHE’LL REGRET IT.

This was the performance that made me look up from my copious amounts of Haribo, wine and takeaway food and say, “Oh, who’s that?” and rewind it then watch it umptythousand times that week on YouTube then led to all this jiggery pokery that you see here. So for me, it goes higher in the goosebumps stakes because it was so unexpected and compelling.

Have a look at the full 18 Buzzfeed XFactor choices here


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This entry was posted on August 27, 2013 by in General.

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