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Glamour Magazine – Interview Aiden Grimshaw

Originally posted on Glamour website August 2012 Excerpt G: Would you say you’ve written it about a particular person? A: “Yeah, it’s about me. It’s just about what I was going … Continue reading

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Fame Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw Interview

  Originally posted on Fame Magazine August 2012 Excerpt If you hadn’t been successful on a TV talent show would you have still pursued a career in music? I think … Continue reading

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Topman Generation – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally posted on the Topman site December 2012 Excerpt The creative chemistry with Rogers spurred Grimshaw into action, helping him wrap up the record in just four months: “I think … Continue reading

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Flush The Fashion – Aiden Grimshaw – Misty Eye

Originally posted on Flush the Fashion August 2012 Excerpt It’s one of those wonderful moments you can’t find a genre to box it in, hardly electro, not traditionally drum and … Continue reading

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Indie London – Aiden Grimshaw – Misty Eye (Review)

Originally posted on IndieLondon August 2012 Excerpt But the album’s best is yet to come. Title track Misty Eye has a strong blues vibe, a moody piano chord and beat and a … Continue reading

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iConcerts – Aiden Grimshaw London Live

Full disclosure and warning – we’re stumped- what follows here is conjecture and what we have managed to find out on google searches, and some wild imaginings. Yet we still … Continue reading

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Soundcloud – Lee Kelly – Aiden Grimshaw Interview

New on soundcloud, but the interview is from the time of the Misty Eye Release. (If you are an email subscriber, you may not see the soundcloud widget below on … Continue reading

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Unreality Shout – Album Review: Aiden Grimshaw – ‘Misty Eye’

Originally Posted on Unreality Shout website August 2012 Excerpt His voice either daintily floats or powerfully soars over the production – which has a confidently slick, polished feel that stuns … Continue reading

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NerveMedia – Interview with Aiden Grimshaw

  Originally posted on NerveMedia November 2012 Excerpt What has the response been like to new album Misty Eye? It’s been amazing, I’ve had a top 20, it’s been in … Continue reading

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Noel Phillips – Interview: Aiden Grimshaw: “I Can’t Keep Kanye West Away.”

  Originally posted on Noel Phillips blog August 2012 Excerpt You’ve worked with rapper Smiler on your debut album ‘Misty Eye’. What other highlights should we also look forward to? … Continue reading

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Est 1987 – Aiden Grimshaw Interview & Live Review

  Originally posted on Est 1987 October 2012 Excerpt – A lot of the tour dates have sold out and with only a few more to go have you enjoyed … Continue reading

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Londonist – Gig Preview And Interview: Aiden Grimshaw

    Originally posted on Londonist site September 2012 Excerpt – Was it ever an option to do the album with lots of different people to see what worked and … Continue reading

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EQ Music Blog – Top Tracks of 2012

  From December 2012 Missed this at the time due to Christmas Eve excitement. We could embellish and say we were drinking egg nog and having fun on Christmas Eve, … Continue reading

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Sophie Eggleton Interviews Aiden Grimshaw at the Scala for Culture Compass

Another video for you tonight, this time it’s backstage at Scala from October 2012.

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Banquet Records – Aiden Grimshaw

    Work sucks sometimes. Work especially sucks when it stops us going to something like this. Thankfully the people who did go were lovely lovely and took videos. Then … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The flower-bedecked skull of St Valentine is on display in Rome. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for some hot lovin’ and romancin’ then I don’t want to … Continue reading

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AmarudonTV – Aiden Grimshaw Video

Thought we’d pull these videos from AmarudonTV out of the Aiden Grimshaw Interview Playlist. Why? No reason. They’re good; oh look we did have a reason. He answers questions from … Continue reading

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YouTube Playlist – Aiden Grimshaw Interviews

All hail Video Uploader. They have trawled through YouTube and put all the interviews in one handy playlist. Scroll through and pick and choose or sit and watch them all. … Continue reading

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Fault Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw for FAULT: An exclusive interview

Originally from September 2012 An exclusive Interview with Fault Magazine

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Digital Spy – Aiden Grimshaw models for Mr Porter – pictures

  Article From August 28 2012 Our site stats tell us two things (well they tell us a lot of things but we don’t want to bore the arse off … Continue reading

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Dannii Minogue – Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Aiden Grimshaw’s new CD ‘Misty Eye’

From August 28 2012 Excerpt His first single ‘Is This Love’ is on high rotation on my iPod. The combination of a catchy tune and Aiden’s unique vocals meant this … Continue reading

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The Banter – Interview – Aiden Grimshaw

Interview from September 9 2012 Excerpt “To develop myself as an artist I spent a lot of time in the studio writing with different people, working with different producers and trying to … Continue reading

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The Banter – Gig Review – Aiden Grimshaw – King Tut’s

From September 2012 Excerpt Aiden Grimshaw proved himself to be an astonishing artist. Passionate, extreme, eager, deep and powerful, you cannot fully know or appreciate him until you see him … Continue reading

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