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La Vida Magazine – Blast From The Past: Aiden Grimshaw

(Originally posted on La Vida website November 2012) We were going to do a topical Easter special post. However circumstances outwith our control (bags full of chocolate and haribo to … Continue reading

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Blushing Panda – Aiden Grimshaw Misty Eye

Originally posted on Blushing Panda August 2012 Excerpt Aiden Grimshaw’s style of songwriting is much more contemporary and likeable sketchy. His style of instruments is very similar to one of … Continue reading

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The Sonic Reverie – Aiden Grimshaw Misty Eye Review

  (Opened up the Sonic Reverie blog and – BAM! – OwlVest picture. There’s a blast from the past) Originally posted on Sonic Reverie Blog August 2012 … undoubtedly at … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw Breathe Me – In The Flesh BBC Trailer

New content, new content! Which you all already know about because it was posted on Aiden’s twitter and Facebook accounts, but we don’t care because it’s new. Aiden Grimshaw’s version … Continue reading

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Crack In The Road – Review – Aiden Grimshaw Misty Eye

  Originally posted on Crack In The Road August 2012 Excerpt Whilst Misty Eye may still be a pop record, and there’s no doubts about that, it’s not pretending to … Continue reading

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Reveal Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw Mr Porter

    Posted on Reveal Magazine website August 2012 Excerpt Last time we spotted Aiden Grimshaw – at last week’s V Festival – he was relaxing with friends and sporting … Continue reading

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Call Upon The Author – Aiden Grimshaw – Misty Eye

Posted on Call Upon The Author August 2012 Excerpt The title track is a particular standout; it slows the pace of the album down slightly. It has an unassuming start, … Continue reading

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Official Charts Company – Aiden Grimshaw – Misty Eye track-by-track

August 2012. Memorable for three things Possibly the last time I was warm and saw the sun. End of the Olympics and start of the Paralympics MISTY EYE! In this video … Continue reading

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Virgin Media – Aiden Grimshaw: A different kind of popstar

Excerpt Grimshaw’s strategy has been even more brave. Brave enough to wait 18 months to release an album, brave enough to drip-feed tracks to the media, brave enough to sidestep … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw – Chokehold

(for email subscribers, if you can’t see the video, it’s linking to this) It’s Friday. It’s also goddamn freezing. It should be spring for goodness sake, and half of us are looking … Continue reading

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Fault Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw Filmed Interview

  From Fault Magazine Website – September 2012   Excerpt – FAULT: Many people will remember you from when you were on the X Factor, how does it feel to have been … Continue reading

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The Line of Best Fit – Photographs Aiden Grimshaw

It’s back to the Aiden Grimshaw Scala we go (not really. Because if we could we would. We’d invent time travel just so everyone can go to the Misty Eye … Continue reading

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EQ Music Blog – EQ Interview with Aiden Grimshaw

Originally posted on EQ September 2012 Excerpt  I wasn’t a pop star, I was just on the X Factor. Maybe later if it goes really well I’ll turn into a proper dick … Continue reading

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The Big Issue In The North – Reality Hits – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally Posted on The Big Issue website September 2012  Excerpt Grimshaw never speaks negatively about the talent show that brought him into public consciousness – presumably there’s a contract somewhere preventing … Continue reading

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RSS subscribers – don’t miss out if you use Google Reader.

Cave Dweller is back with this little guest post. So welcome her as she comes blinking into the sunlight to share her sadness at the demise of Google Reader, and … Continue reading

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The Blue Walrus – Aiden Grimshaw – Misty Eye

  Originally posted on The Blue Walrus August 2012 Excerpt Its successor is the absolutely huge-sounding Nothing At All, which makes brilliant use of a rave drumbeat and a string section, … Continue reading

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STV – Aiden Grimshaw proves he is no ordinary X Factor ‘Xport’

On the STV site September 2012 Excerpt As he works his way through his impressive debut album Misty Eye, it is plain to see that over the past couple of … Continue reading

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The Edge – Aiden Grimshaw at The Old Firestation, Bournemouth (23/09/2012)

Originally posted on The Edge September 2012 Excerpt Transference to the live setting meant the songs gained that extra ounce of emotion from the singer song-writer; enhanced by the fact … Continue reading

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Sonic Reverie – Live Review: Aiden Grimshaw (Nottingham Rescue Rooms)

Originally posted on Sonic Reverie September 2012 Excerpt The final two tracks ‘Nothing At All’ and ‘Curtain Call’ were unforgettable and positioned perfectly at the peak of both the album … Continue reading

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OK Magazine – Review: Aiden Grimshaw Misty Eye

Originally posted on the OK Magazine website August 2012 Excerpt Hold On kicks things off in anthemic style, all-pounding piano chords, beats and Aiden’s soaring voice. Other highlights include the … Continue reading

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Chic Lifestyle Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally on the Chic Lifestyle website September 2012 Excerpt AND FINALLY, WHAT ARE YOUR HOPES FOR THE FUTURE – MORE OF THE SAME? I’m just happy to be working, and … Continue reading

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Misty Eye Live YouTube Playlist

  We love Misty Eye. We love Aiden Grimshaw live gigs. Put them together and, well. We doubt that a pig just after the arrival of the manure delivery guy … Continue reading

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