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Vote For The Trend Sunday 27 March

Evening Grimlings.  It’s a sunny day where we are, we hope it’s the same for you.  We may even decamp from the bunker and trend outside tonight, enjoying some Aiden Grimshaw tunes on the iPod.

So here are your choices.  The long compound words have been fun but have been a bit of a bust the past few nights.  So we’re going for a short and sweet one tonight.

Option 1 – Quifftacular.  We’ve already trended Quifftastic and uiffman, so this is along the same lines.

Option 2 – AGCD. We’ve checked and the acronym doesn’t mean anything dodgy (just some Quango in Belgium) so won’t get hijacked.  If you can prove us wrong leave a message in the comments and we’ll pull it

Option 3 – ASGSings Kinda like a compound word, yes, but short.


See you at 6 for the trend.  Dear twitter, please be nice.


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