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Trend Review Tuesday 23 March

Y’allright twitter?  D’ya miss me?  I missed you, oh yes I did indeed.  The conversation from Cave Dweller has been “and this is my uniform from Star Trek:The Next Generation, as you can see it differs from the uniform from Star Trek:Deep Space Nine by the..” I DON’T CARE TWITTER!  I REALLY DON’T.  And there are not enough muscles in my face to support an expression that pretends I do.

So, out we all came to play on Monday, and it was good.  SignAGPlease popped up, the message on trend 102 the same as the message on trend one.  Nice.

Twitter, I’m going to let you in behind the glitter and showbiz that surrounds the trending to the harsh reality of what goes on in our secret underground bunker.  About five o’clock Big Boss cracks open a bottle of Pinot Grigio and starts rocking gently in her chair, saying, “Not enough online, not enough online, not enough online”. Cave Dweller blinks furiously, her chant being “No compound words in any TTs, none coming up, come on BY TOUTATIS, where are the compound words”. Video Uploader (new team member) takes comfort in watching the forty thousand versions of Mad World and singing along.  I warm up by watching Marcellaux miming Shirley Conran’s Lace (I love Marcellaux’s rendition of “Which one of you bitches is my mother”.  Would bring a tear to a doll’s glass eye).

At 5.45 the air in the bunker is filled with tension. By 6 when The Trend is UP! is posted, we are all like little headless chickens.  Our team on the timelines send us messages to make sure that the numbers we are seeing are the same as the numbers they are seeing (and you thought we all sat here eating bonbons and calling out for Nandos).  Twitter, you have me like a nervous wreck.  From twenty past six I am staring at your Trending Topics box, screaming, “Trend you little ratgrommer, TREND!!!! Let us in TWITTTTAHHHHHHHH”.  Cave Dweller doesn’t help the sitch very much by telling us that it should be there, waving their little Printouts of Doom like Semaphore Flags.  That starts Big Boss off on her Emergency Trend talk and starts me off looking for the inflator for my lovely lovely bouncy castle.

Anyway, once it trends and we nearly knock each other out with our sighs of relief, we can relax and clock off for the night and go back to our timelines.

(The following had nothing whatsoever to do with the site, but we liked them so much we thought we’d mention them:))

But did you see what happened last night, twitter?  Grimlings were out to play big style.  First of all there was the 10 Reasons we love Aiden hashtag started by @love_grimshaw which took off.  Not for a trend, just for fun and it was great seeing all the reasons (reasons we love twitter 1 – Sod all 2- none 3 Sweet Fanny Adams, you get the gist twitter).  Then The X Factor USA announced a Q&A with Simon Cowell and @indigo_jay tweeted this.

After being presented with that most excellent idea, Grimlings got BIZZZZZAYYYYY, twitter.  Masai buy in to that. “Are you going to sign Aiden?”, “Why does he have to wait until after the tour to be signed?” “Have you seen how well Aiden is doing on the tour” tweets flooded in.  So much so that #asksimon trended in the UK.  Would never have happened without Grimlings all piling in.  The trending is excellent, but now we know for sure that Simon has seen the depth of support and feeling Grimlings have for Aiden Grimshaw getting signed.  We like you for that twitter.  Just a teenytiny bit. Tony Cowell even got involved (we love Tony Cowell at Get Aiden Signed Towers).

So last night we trended, we had fun and we know that Simon saw our message.  Not a bad night’s work.  A night that brings us one day closer.  One day closer to the day when Mrs Tapster doesn’t have to tweet, “Sorry false rumour @mr_grimshaw is not signed” to calm us down and instead can send us all into meltdown/tears/screams/shakes/stunned relief with the tweet we’ve all been waiting for. One day closer until our phones beep like fire alarms with notifications and texts from each other.  One day closer until tumblr, facebook and twitter fill up with with words that we can spell correctly and put spaces in. One day closer twitter, WHEN NOT IF. Oh yeah, when not if.

See you later twitter.

Did you really miss that?  Really? See you later for the vote and at 6 for the trend.

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