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Why I Trend

We saw some people recently ask why Grimlings were trending for Aiden Grimshaw.  Someone involved with the site wrote this as an answer as to why they personally were trending.  We’ve only just now put it up.  It’s only from one of the team; everyone has their own reasons for trending.  We’d love to know yours, so please leave a comment letting us know why you trend.

I found Aiden Grimshaw interesting during auditions and bootcamp.  Judges’ Houses I thought he had something, but was still on the fence about him.  He was in a group of three or four performers who I liked and wanted to see more of, but that was it.

Then I saw Mad World.  I rewound it and watched it over and over again.  I watched it on YouTube a few times during the week and was impressed.  He became one of my favourites.

As the weeks went on I enjoyed his performances more and more, some more than others I have to admit.   Yet in all of them he had “something”, an undefinable quality that made me want to see what he would do with the songs; what twist he would put on them.

The week he went out I was so disappointed for him.  The last note of his sing-off song is one that I will not forget in a hurry, and judging by the timelines whenever it is mentioned I am not alone in that.

I was disappointed for him for many reasons.  I didn’t think we had seen anywhere near what he could do – he was excellent at putting the emotion into the covers, but I wanted to hear more from him, how he would sing this song, or that song.  I was disappointed for him as I thought his talent and what he could do merited far higher than the ninth place that he would be labelled as.  I was disappointed for him as he thought that people didn’t like him – a horrible feeling for any 18 year old (as he was then) especially one just starting out on his dream.  I wanted to scream at the television – NOOOO! People do like you!

Obviously I wasn’t alone in that feeling.  On webboards and on twitter, people were talking.  It turned out he had a larger fanbase than anyone realised.  He added followers on twitter.  A petition was set up to allow Aiden to perform on the tour and quickly became one of the most popular twititions on twitter.  Then, all hell broke loose when he announced that #aidenisonthetour.  When he appeared on television during Heroes, twitter went into meltdown with “Aiden!” “Aiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeen!!!” etc.  The mood turned into optimism.

Then, the solo live gigs started.  The good reviews came in, and he picked up yet more followers.  Aiden seemed to show a different side live than when he was on the show, and we got yet another glimpse as to the sort of artist he could be.  His interpretation of songs could turn a song from one of anger into one of longing and regret, then back to anger again.  He could add layers to a song that you weren’t immediately aware of.  I’m not some “OMFGZ Aiden is well fitz and he can do no wrong” maddie.  If he gets it wrong he gets it wrong, I’m not blind to his faults.  It’s just I love it when he gets it right.

He and his family treated the fans so well, with tweets, mentions, follows and twitvids.  Certain things became shorthand with fans – Celebration Glasses, Barbie Girl, Sex Bomb, Zebra, They’re Not My Windows.  Far from being the “I’m Going To Kill You And Eat You But First I’ll Sing You A Song” artist that the show had tried to present him as (and failed, because his talent wouldn’t allow that) he was a funny, affable teenager who engaged with the audience and made us all want to hear more.

Then the trending started.  There had been some trends before, but this was serious trending.  After #getaidensigned hit, concerted daily trending took place.  I trended as I wanted what everyone else did – a record deal for Aiden Grimshaw.  When the trending started getting more difficult, the site was set up to help with trending until the tour.

I don’t know what effect the trending has.  The site is not involved with the family or the record industry.  Everyone involved in this site is a fan.  This is just one opinion.

Recently, why I trended was brought home to me in a way that surprised me.  I saw Aiden Grimshaw on tour.  The Diamonds Are Forever performance I saw was a totally different performance than the one on the show.  He was more confident, had wonderful stagecraft, he was interacting with the audience but still keeping those listening totally in the song.  Diamonds Are Forever on the show was a great performance; on the tour just took it onto a whole different level.  The swagger, the poise, the voice.

Then it was Mad World.  Watch the videos and then tell me whether or not he should have a deal.

If the trending gives Aiden even a tiny bit more confidence that he has the backing of fans who want him to be given a chance, then it’s worth it.  If it makes one person who has never heard of Aiden before click on a trending topic then being interested enough to watch a video and think, “He’s got something” then it’s worth it.   If it makes promoters or club bookers think, “We should look into getting this guy in to perform”, then it’s worth it.  If it makes record companies realise that he has a fanbase, then it’s worth it.

I don’t know what kind of artist Aiden is going to be.  It may be music I like, it may not be.  I’m trending as I want him to be given a chance.

I don’t believe that all the trending will get him a record deal.  Only his talent will.  And he is just so talented that it would be absolutely wrong not to give him a chance.  That is why I trend.

When, not if.


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