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Trend Review Sunday 20th February

Monday Vote For The Trend is here

Before Ranting Writer goes off on their nightly flight into the land of random capitalisation and incoherent word structure, another thank you.  Thanks for all your tweets, comments and anonymous feedback regarding Saturday’s trend review.  On top of the amazing Mad World performance from Birmingham, it seems to have touched a nerve with a lot of you. Much love x

Oioioioi Twittah

I can’t be bothered any more.  Seriously.  You can take your Trending Topics and shove them right up your binary code.  We hit them with GrimshawsVoice (a bloody CRACKER of a trend if you ask me; but you don’t, twitter) and then you unceremoniously kicked it out, just after we tweeted it.  (Yeah, if you could stop stalking our feed and making us look like a pile of arses we’d appreciate it)  Yet again Grimlings were called as if to war and whacked it back into the trends and above some of the hashtagged trends.  When will you learn twitter?

It’s at times like these I think back to a happy night spent in a yurt in Dornogovi.  Not for any reason other than it was a happy night spent in a yurt in Dornogovi.  That was the night I won my faithful Capuchin companion Marcellaux in a card game.  I love Marcellaux.  He can take dictation and mix a FANTASTIC apple martini. Just telling you all this twitter so that you know how LITTLE I shall be caring in the future.  I shall be laughing at you as you try and bar us from the trends. LAUGHING AS I HATES YOU WITH MY PASSIONS.

For GrimshawsVoice keeps us going.  Nobody thought we could keep up this trending until the tour.  Gotta be honest, the thought of 75 more days of trending had me frantically kicking the footpump that blows up my safe room, yes it did.  But tomorrow, tomorrow we hit 70 days. 70 – and suddenly the end of the tour is not that far away and we have loads of trends still to use and we know that we can do it.

So TWITTAH you can love me or leave me and let me be lonely, we’ll be trending tomorrow.

The Grimling Quiff Team

I wish Ranting Writer had put some of their backstory on their CV.  We thought we were getting a normal, not some head the ball.  Keep your eye open for the vote, trending as normal at 6 on Monday


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