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Trend Review Thursday 17 February


“Why?”, I hear the Quiff Team cry.  Because twitter, you hideous techbeast, while on the surface all looked rosy and happy happy pretty kittens, behind the scenes you were all horrible horrible knife wielding scary clown.  Oh yes you were and you know it.  So bad in fact that we nearly had to cancel the trend attempt.

YES QUIFF TEAM ‘TWAS THAT BAD!  What happens is Big Boss tweets the link to the trend on this site, then I, deep in my louche and licentious lair, search for the trend on twitter and RT the first five.  Simple, oh twitter.  Except this time – nothing came up.  NOTHING!  YOU WERE HIDING THE TREND TWITTTTAAAAHH!

Of course, as you know twitter, if it doesn’t come up in search then it won’t hit TTs.  The diamond/marshmallow analogy comes out to play again.  I sent my trusty companion Marcellaux the Capuchin Monkey to the Cave Dweller with a message, as I sat raving at the injustice of it all.  The Bouncy Castle Safe Room looked as if it yet again would be my refuge in times of trouble.

Cave Dweller was on the case though.  Give them their due, they may be a bit too fond of jokes involving binary and CSS code, but when we shine the Trend in Trouble searchlight they are as hot as a Jamaican Chilli.  Cave Dweller found the trend was showing up in search on tweetdeck, IE and on mobile devices, but on Firefox it was if it never existed.  After 10 minutes it started showing up on Firefox but was 8 minutes behind.  After another 10 minutes, twitter, it caught up and then eventually KABOOM there MusicFromGrimshaw was on TTs.  It didn’t go Worldwide but it was Thursday, twitter, and we don’t know why but The Quiff Team always struggles on a Thursday.  WHYYYYYYYYYY????????????

So that was last night twitter.  We trenders have a new name, given to us by MrsTapster, and we are all excited by the start of the tour.  It’s given us a new lease of life and we are ready for more trending.  Now more than ever we believe that it’s WHEN NOT IF TWITTTTAAAAAHHH!!

See you tonight twitter.  and tomorrow night.  and the night after that.  Just keep expecting us.  And knock all your tricksyness on the head, of one would be so kind.

Not one iota of love

The Quiff Team

Oh it was fun in Get Aiden Signed Towers last night.  The thought of cancelling a trend attempt brought us out in a cold sweat.  See you later at 6.



One comment on “Trend Review Thursday 17 February

  1. Niko
    February 18, 2011

    Oh why do The Quiff Team struggle on Thursdays… Feel really guilty now coz my usual lunatic trending doesn’t happen on Thurs due to girls swimming… Signal fail in the pool area!! Aha! 😀

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