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Trend Review Sunday 13 February


Have you ever witnessed Cave Dweller running?  No?  It’s not a pretty sight, twitter, I can tell you.  Sitting in front of the computer geeking out all day has atrophied their little hermit muscles.  One small troglodyte leg is going for the shopping and the other one is coming back with the change.  A sight to behold.

Anyway, twitter, said running was on show tonight.  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING AT TWITTER.  Sunday trending is, to be quite honest with you my portal-into-the-mind-of-strangers, a right royal pain in my already painful from a Kaboom Pants tattoo ass.

Not only did we have to contend with an early trend again, the TTs were full of JLS trends.  Then 1D came on AGAIN to trend at the same time as us, and then we were treated to @mr_grimshaw.  But we Grimlings are nothing if not tenacious, so off we went.

Cave Dweller wasn’t expecting us to trend until 5.40 because we didn’t have the numbers  so I was plodding away, trending as  per usual when all of a sudden the alarms at Get Aiden Signed Towers started ringing and the security shutters started coming down.  Big Boss came blitzing down the stairs just as the Cave Dweller appeared doing their previously alluded to Comedy Run.

Cave Dweller’s face was as pale as, well normal really.  They see the sun so rarely that it’s amazing they haven’t evolved mole-like features.  Frantically waving a printout they finally spat out the word, “BLOCKED!” from their freakishly flapping mouth.

Big Boss and Cave Dweller then pored over the printout.  All compound words like WeNeedAidenGAlbum had disappeared from the TTs in the refresh. YOU STOLE THEM FROM US TWITTER LIKE THE SNEAKISH SNEAKY SNEAK THAT YOU ARE!

Cave Dweller and Big Boss then got tore into each other.  It was like Ultimate Cage Warrior without the cage, twitter.  Or the warriors.  In fact it wasn’t even ultimate.  Big Boss wanted to break out the Emergency Trend, Cave Dweller wanted the TTs to go through two refreshes before announcing the Emergency Trend.  Big Boss didn’t want Grimlings to keep trending an impossible trend while Cave Dweller was sure that it would come back.  My blood pressure was going through the roof and it was lucky that I didn’t want to ruin the hand-tooled leather on my exquisite Milanese shoes by BOOTING MY FOOT THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREEN.

Finally Big Boss made the executive decision to run the Emergency Trend.  Cave Dweller looked like a puppy with the last Bonio snatched right out of their mouth as Big Boss tweeted the Emergency Trend.  Then, TWITTER YOU PSYCHO SWAMPBEAST, you refreshed the TTs and there was our lovely WeNeedAidenGAlbum.  Cave Dweller pulled their Tshirt over their head and ran around the room in a football style celebration (and, twitter, if I ever have to see a sight like that again I am coming down to your server farm and booting every server until it’s granulated silicon, hand-tooled leather or no.  Friendly warning, twitter, friendly warning).

Then it was Big Boss’s turn for the blood to drain from their face.  Panicked tweeting set in as they rescinded the Emergency Trend and then tweeted everybody using Sigh Naiden.  By that point twitter I had picked up my ceremonial sword (a gift from some sailors I met in a Yokohama karaoke bar.  Now THAT was a night) and was heading off into the night to search for your power supply.  Luckily the security shutters were still down, twitter, or you would be hitting Compare The Market looking for a new electricity supplier YES YOU BLOODY WELL WOULD TWITTER YOU WOULD OH YES BECAUSE I HATES YOU TWITTER WITH THE HATE THAT ONLY 62 DAYS OF CONSTANT TRENDING WHEN THE TRENDING TOPICS ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING TO THWART US AND ALL WE WANT TO DO TWITTER IS HAVE FUN AND TREND GOOD STUFF FOR MR GRIMSHAW AND WHY CANT YOU SEE THAT TWITTER YOU EVIL SON OF A VIRUS RIDDEN COCKROACH INFESTED BINARY INFUSED PROGRAMME!!!!!!!!

(For crying out loud, take a breath before your eyeballs pop right out of your skull)

Ahhh, that’s better.  I feel better for that, twitter, yes I do.  See you tomorrow.  Don’t be expecting a card or chocolates tomorrow, just loads of Grimlings ready to trend their little Bunny Ears off.  LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY TWIITTTTTTAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!

Will you still love me tomorrow, twitter?  To be honest,  For we are one day nearer, twitter, one day nearer.  WHEN NOT IF!

The Grimlings

This abuse is more than their pay grade warrants.  Thank you so much for your patience with the Emergency Trend tweets; hopefully tomorrow will be much easier.  See you at 11 for the vote and back to 6 pm for the trend.  Have a great night and remember what Grimlings want.



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