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Vote For The Trend Thursday 27 January

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We were going to try a special trend tonight, but we haven’t got the numbers quite yet. We’ll keep that one in the bag 🙂

Option 1 Siign Aiiden – Same as yesterday, people like it, got the job done

Option 2 S1gn A1den – Bit of leet, burns your eyes and hurts your soul, but again says what we want

Option 3 Siign Griimshaw – Variation on a theme, says what we want.

REMEMBER if you don’t like any of these, suggest another one here

Also there are links to some of your twititions and check out the new links to press on yesterday’s signing rumours

So vote, share the link, have a great day, thanks for visiting and we will see you at 6 for the trend.  The more people trending at the start the easier it is to hit TTs.  22 minutes yesterday Grimlings – impressive!  Helps people to know what we want


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