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Trend Review Monday 24 January

An open letter to the Great God Twitter

Dear Twitter, we love you.  You allow us to talk to, and make new, friends.  You allow us to share photos and videos and watch twitcams.  We can all share in the appreciation of Mr Grimshaw and his music without fear or favour and have truly found “our people”.  But on nights like tonight we could quite happily reach through the screen and wring your scrawny little neck.

An hour and a bit to trend?  Are you kidding us twitter?  We should have trended way before that.  Then the stats showed a dip so we, in our role of saboteurs of your minxy ways, changed the trend.  So you, oh twitter, pulled a right blinking fast one and up popped NC2U in the Trending Topics.  So, lo The Grimlings did rejoice and we did pull the Emergency Trend to tax you with another day, and left to eat, have fun and generally do things that your efforts to keep @mr_grimshaw off the Trending Topics have prevented.

But, dear twitter, we will not be thwarted for we have received sustenance from the Cardiff photos and videos that have been posted; and by the power of the hashtag and creative spelling angels we will be victorious.

No Love

The Grimling Trenders

I think we’ll leave it at that and see you tomorrow at 9.30 for the vote and then at 6 for the trend.  Round up the troops and we’ll try for a 16 minuter tomorrow.  Please 🙂

and remember



One comment on “Trend Review Monday 24 January

  1. Kaphc / sunshineband
    January 24, 2011

    This site is nearly as entertaining as watching Aiden Grimshaw – but without the Specs Appeal and Man Chest. Obviously.

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