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Trends So Far

Here’s a list of the trends so far – many many thanks to Undercover Agent K, they did all the hard work

14th December #GetAidenSigned
15th December #SignAidenGrimshaw
16th December #Aidenforrecorddeal
17th December #Aidenneedsacontract
18th December Double Trend #Aidenisoursexbomb & #wewantaidensigned
19th December Double Trend #wewantanaidenalbum & #getgrimshawsigned
20th December #signgrimshawnow
21st December #arecorddealforaiden
22nd December #signaidenforquiffmas
23rd December Triple Trend #signgrimshawtoday & #signaidennow & #newcarcrisis 10th day
24th December #signouraiden
25th December #signourquiffmanaiden
26th December #boxarecorddealforaiden
27th December #bankouraidenarecorddeal
28th December Double Trend #signouraidennow & #weloveyouaiden
29th December #heynowsignmrgrimshaw
30th December #iwillbuyaidensalbum
31st December Double Trend #signaidenfornewyear & #aidenmade2010
1st January #2011yearofthegrimshaw
2nd January #signaiden2011 20th day
3rd January Double Trend #signthatquiff & Grimshaw Aiden Grimshaw
4th January jambo jambo jambo
5th January SignAG SignAG
6th January Get AG Signed Get AG Signed
7th January Bunny Ears
8th January Wahsmrig Nedia
9th January Nedia Ngis
10th January Mrs Tapsters (Son)
11th January Sigh Naiden
12th January #adreamingwish 30th day
13th January Denai Shawgrim
14th January Nedia Mubla
15th January Cartown Leitrim
16th January Aishaw Grimden
17th January Nedia Reverof
18th January Maiden Reunited
19th January Supporting ASG
20th January Mad World
21st January Grrrrimshaw
22nd January Triple Trend Debra Zebra & Pulse Cardiff & Aiiden Griimshaw 40th day
23rd January Celebration Glasses
24th January NC2U
25th January #dontdreamitsover
26th January Siign Aiiden
27th January Siign Griimshaw
28th January Gr1mshaw Album
29th January S1gn A1den
30th January Grrimshaw Deal
31st January Grrrimshaw Gigs
1st February Sign Aid3n 50th day
2nd February Grriimshaw Record 60th trend
3rd February Maiden Streetcam
4th February AidenGrimshaw
5th February SignAidenG
6th February SignGrimshaw
7th February SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE TREND SignASG and #askaidensmum
8th February SignGrrimshaw
9th February AGRecordDeal
10th February SignAidenGrimshaw
11th February AidenGrimshawDeal 70th trend 60th day
12th February AmazingAidenG
13th February WeNeedAidenGAlbum
14th February AdoreGrimshaw
15th February LoveForGrimshaw
16th February LoveAidenGrimshaw
17th February MusicFromGrimshaw
18th February GrimshawMusic
19th February Triple Trend GoodLuckAiden SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE TREND Quifftastic and WellDoneGrimshaw 80th trend
20th February GrimshawsVoice
21st February SIMULTANEOUS WORLDWIDE DOUBLE TREND ItsAGrimshawThing and A1den Sings 70th day
22nd February AidenSings
23rd February AidenGSingingLive
24th February GrimshawsLiveVoice
25th February GrimshawOnTheTour
26th February AllAboutGrimshaw
27th February Double Trend LoveGrimshaw and ListenToASG 90th Trend
28th February LoveForASG
1st March DAF
2nd March Aid3n Music
3rd March Grim5haw Record 80th day
4th March Grrimshaw Music
5th March Grrim5haw Onstage
6th March Supporting A1d3n
7th March AmazingAidenGrimshaw
8th March AidenGrimshawSings
9th March SignMrGrimshaw 100th trend
10th March AidenGrimshawForever

11th March – 20th March No trending

21st March SignAGPlease
22nd March SongsFromGrimshaw (we also think we should claim #asksimon as it was a UK only trend, and it was Aiden fans tweeting it in the UK. We’re unsure so we’ll keep it here as a reminder)
23rd March AidenGrimshawSongs 90th day
24th March AidenGrimshawsVoice
25th March ASG
26th March Quiffman
27th March Quifftacular
28th March Quiffed
29th March Quiffilicious 110th trend
30th March Quifferific
31st March Quiffmania
1st April AGMusic
2nd April AGSongs 100th day
3rd April MrsTapstersSon
4th April AidenGrimshawMusic
5th April ReleaseAGMusic

6th April – Twitter had disabled trends.

7th April DDIO
8th April Cannonball
9th April Aidengrimshaw 120th trend
10th April DOUBLE TREND Signaidengrimshaw and WellDoneAiden
11th April GrimshawsGrimlings
12th April ASGForever
13th April AGTwitcam 110th day
14th April AGAcoustic
15th April GetGrimshawSigned
16th April GrimshawsTunes
17th April Signthequiff

19th April Signourrocketman 130th Trend

21st April Team Gr1mshaw
22nd April WeAdoreA1den
23rd April SiignAiiden
24th April Double Trend AidenIsTheEasterBunny and A1denBunnyEars

26th April BlackpoolQuiff 120th day
27th April SongfromAiden
28th April AidenOriginals
29th April GrimshawLive

139 Aiden-related trends in 123 days of trending.

19 comments on “Trends So Far

  1. Sugar_spice17
    January 11, 2011

    God we’re good!! xD xx

  2. Niko
    January 11, 2011

    Such dedication to give us all this info is commendable. Did I spell that right! Thanks so much. 😉 x

  3. @leahgrimshaw
    January 16, 2011

    Also, ages ago we trended #maiden and #popgoestheweasel 🙂 hehe

  4. @loltastico
    January 17, 2011

    All powerful Grimlings!

  5. @AidenIsPerfect
    January 17, 2011

    OMG I can’t believe time flew by that quickly! 😀

  6. Aiden_G_Love
    January 18, 2011


  7. Claire Johnston
    January 22, 2011

    This is so cool! Long live the grimlings! 😀 somebody take a hint and get our Aiden signed! ❤ x

  8. Aiden_G_Love
    January 23, 2011

    omg. we are awesome. like, SO awesome.

  9. @AidenBunnyEars -Chantell(:
    January 24, 2011

    Wow Aiden is lucky to have us, if I don’t say so myself 😉 ♥

  10. vicky
    January 31, 2011

    wow!! have we really trended all these?! Get in there Grimlings ; ) Great site too.xx

  11. _ItsVicki
    February 12, 2011

    We have been busy bees! Heres to the next 58 trends, Grimlings rock! And i agree, great site, thanks for all the hard work that goes into it xxxx

  12. CarolineGrimlin
    February 12, 2011

    ALL BOW TO US, THE ALMIGHTY GRIMLINGS!!!! we. are. awesome. XD

  13. mistyelle
    February 14, 2011

    yay we just amaze me 🙂

  14. Charlotte Grimshaw
    February 16, 2011

    Insane!! Boy Aiden us grimlings do LOVE YOU!! @mr_grimshaw

  15. @AidenBunnyEars -Chantell(:
    February 24, 2011

    I don’t want to stop trending after the tour, can’t we stop when he’s signed? :/

    • Sign Aiden Grimshaw
      February 24, 2011

      We don’t run the trends; Grimlings do. We’ll keep advising as long as Grimlings want. #normaltermsandconditionsapply 🙂 #maydropoutifRantingWritertotallylosestheplot

  16. Charlotte Grimshaw
    February 25, 2011

    Amazing 😀 xxx

  17. Ida Marlene
    February 25, 2011

    Grimshaw and Aiden also got UK trends 24.02.2011 ! <3;D

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