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Fan Video – Aiden Grimshaw: To Define Is To Limit

So, a few weeks back, we contacted some Aiden fans that we regularly see on our twitter timeline. We had a chat. We reminisced. We laughed. A LOT! And this … Continue reading

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Misty Eye – 2 years on. Wednesday 20 August.

  What are you up to on Wednesday night? At 9.00pm would you like to press play on “Misty Eye” and we can all listen to the album and tweet … Continue reading

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Aiden – OfficialCharts.Com – Misty Eye Track by Track

  ” … the stories behind his songs ranging from the angry tones of This Island (“When you’re as moody as me, you need [to write] something dead angry,” says Aiden) to … Continue reading

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Aiden -Northampton Roadmenders

    This should keep you going for a bit. Rachelipswich1 on YouTube has the entire Northampton Roadmembers gig on YouTube. Enjoy. That was a great tour, wasn’t it?   … Continue reading

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Justin and the Knights of Valour

  Hello hello hello hello hello. Things are very quiet on the Aiden front; our searches are disappointingly empty. BUT we remembered about this DVD release (because it was in … Continue reading

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Tom’s Messy Mind – My Top Ten artists of 2013

Excerpt: “Since Misty Eye, Aiden Grimshaw has change his artistic direction, becoming simply Aiden, and focussing on electronic music. While I far prefer the drum ‘n’ bass output, it is … Continue reading

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Popfools – From The Archives: 2012 Top Songs Part II

Wondered how much we’d actually missed when I saw this one, but it was only posted on December 23 2013. It’s Popfools that are going back in time to Misty … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Pop Music – Introducing Aiden Grimshaw

  “Every once in a while you come across an artist that is so good, you want to spread the word about them, especially if they are not that well … Continue reading

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Justin and the Knights of Valour Soundtrack – Be Myself by Aiden Grimshaw

    We’re all about the visuals here. We’ve all been talking about this for a while on the timelines, but we couldn’t post without a picture. And as if … Continue reading

September 26, 2013 · 1 Comment

Waterloo Road – Playlist of songs featured in S8E23 Grandmaster

Nothing At All was on the Waterloo Road soundtrack last night. And lo, the timelines didst light up. See the full Waterloo Road Playlist here. There is also a spotify … Continue reading

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Joe Pickering Flickr – Aiden Grimshaw King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

  Some more pictures tonight – a great collection of photos from Aiden Grimhaw’s gig at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. View the full set of 19 pictures … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw Playlist – Leeds Cockpit 28 September 2012

    Did you go to the Misty Eye gig at The Cockpit Leeds? Here’s some videos from that night for you. Sounds like it was a great gig!

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Aiden Grimshaw Playlist – King Tut’s Glasgow 27 September 2012

  Yes, it’s the return of the video playlists. While @mr_grimshaw is off gallivanting at the Molton Brown thing (and if he could see his way clear to swiping us … Continue reading

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Andrew Benge – Aiden Grimshaw, The Cockpit, Leeds, 28 September 2012

A link to some pictures tonight. Have a look at Andrew Benge’s flickr stream for some great pictures from the Aiden Grimshaw gig at The Cockpit Leeds on the Misty Eye … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw Video Playlist – Brighton – September 24

I might be wrong, but from what I can remember from tweets etc, the night this gig was on the weather was shocking. Relive the night without the Force 10 … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw Video Playlist – Birmingham – 26 September 2012

39 videos on this one – lovely! Were you at the Birmingham gig? Tell us about it in the comments if you’d like. You can watch the Aiden Grimshaw Birmingham video playlist … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw Video Playlist – Bournemouth – 23 September 2012

    Tonight we’re off to Bournemouth. Enjoy the video playlist of the gig in September here.

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Yahoo OMG! Aiden Grimshaw Misty Eye Review

  Originally posted on Yahoo OMG! August 2012 Excerpt It’s little surprise then that his debut album, ‘Misty Eye,’ refuses to play by the usual talent show rules. Yes, there’s … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw Live Playlist – Northampton – 22 September 2012

Were you at the Northampton gig? If so then this should bring back memories. If not then we can see what we missed on the live gig video playlist.

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Aiden Grimshaw Live Video Playlist – Nottingham – 20 September 2012

Another video playlist for you tonight – this time we’re off to Nottingham’s Rescue rooms for some gig videos. Turn the volume up and enjoy the live performance playlist here.

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Photos – Aiden Grimshaw Live

Treat for you tonight. Some great gig photos from Abi D, also known as @AreYouOKAbi on Twitter. Aiden Grimshaw, Breakout Camden Aiden Grimshaw, Hoxton Aiden Grimshaw, Hyde Park Aiden Grimshaw, … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw Live Playlist – Bristol 02 Academy – 19 September 2012

Fancy some live music? Of course you do. Have a look at some videos from the Bristol 02 gig. What track did you enjoy most? The Aiden Grimshaw Bristol video … Continue reading

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La Vida Magazine – Blast From The Past: Aiden Grimshaw

(Originally posted on La Vida website November 2012) We were going to do a topical Easter special post. However circumstances outwith our control (bags full of chocolate and haribo to … Continue reading

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