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Aiden – Idol Magazine interview

We’re enjoying rereading interviews and articles that we haven’t seen for a while.  This one is from the time of the “Is This Love?” release Aiden – Idol Magazine HOW WOULD … Continue reading

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Woody and Kleiny – Aiden Grimshaw Video Interview from Soccer Six

A quick interview with Aiden Grimshaw at Soccer Six posted on the /Football YouTube Channel. The interview starts at the 5.19 mark.

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FHM Red Carpet – Aiden Grimshaw

Here’s a quick video of the red carpet at the FHM party. Chat starts about 47 seconds in.

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Tower FM – Listen again to Aiden Grimshaw

  If you missed Aiden’s chat on the radio this morning, you can listen again here (Aiden’s interview is from about 21.45) (Email subscribers may not see the soundcloud widget)

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Tower FM – Aiden Grimshaw on Breakfast Show

    Aiden will be on Tower FM tomorrow morning (7 May 2013) talking about Soccer Six at Bolton.   If you are not in the Tower FM area, you … Continue reading

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Holy Moly – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally added to Holy Moly website August 2012 We must confess to expecting Aiden Grimshaw (off of The X Factor two ruddy years ago) to be a right old moody chops. We … Continue reading

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Official Charts Company – Aiden Grimshaw – Misty Eye track-by-track

August 2012. Memorable for three things Possibly the last time I was warm and saw the sun. End of the Olympics and start of the Paralympics MISTY EYE! In this video … Continue reading

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Fault Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw Filmed Interview

  From Fault Magazine Website – September 2012   Excerpt – FAULT: Many people will remember you from when you were on the X Factor, how does it feel to have been … Continue reading

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EQ Music Blog – EQ Interview with Aiden Grimshaw

Originally posted on EQ September 2012 Excerpt  I wasn’t a pop star, I was just on the X Factor. Maybe later if it goes really well I’ll turn into a proper dick … Continue reading

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The Big Issue In The North – Reality Hits – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally Posted on The Big Issue website September 2012  Excerpt Grimshaw never speaks negatively about the talent show that brought him into public consciousness – presumably there’s a contract somewhere preventing … Continue reading

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STV – Aiden Grimshaw proves he is no ordinary X Factor ‘Xport’

On the STV site September 2012 Excerpt As he works his way through his impressive debut album Misty Eye, it is plain to see that over the past couple of … Continue reading

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Chic Lifestyle Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally on the Chic Lifestyle website September 2012 Excerpt AND FINALLY, WHAT ARE YOUR HOPES FOR THE FUTURE – MORE OF THE SAME? I’m just happy to be working, and … Continue reading

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Rollacoaster Magazine – Boy in the corner – Aiden Grimshaw

  Originally in the AW12 issue No excerpt, go read, it’s a good article and a fantastic picture. Treat yourselves. The magazine is online, the article is on page 50. … Continue reading

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Culture Compass – Interview with Aiden Grimshaw

  Originally posted on Culture Compass October 2012 We’ve already posted the video of this interview with Aiden Grimshaw, but we hadn’t tracked down the article. After exhaustive searching (who’d … Continue reading

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Time Out London – Eight things you didn’t know about… Aiden Grimshaw

  Originally posted on Time Out Website – no idea. Make it up. Pretend it was on your birthday and was a little present just for you Excerpt He’s got … Continue reading

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Mancunian Matters – Aiden Grimshaw on breaking out of the X Factor mould, love and climbing post boxes

  Originally posted on Mancunian Matters August 2012 Excerpt “They gave me total freedom. After being signed they said straight away ‘just go away and do your thing’. “I was … Continue reading

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LoveLikeSocial – Aiden Grimshaw Interview

  Originally posted on LoveLikeSocial November 2012 Excerpt The Guestlist Network caught up with ex X Factor Contestant Aiden Grimshaw to talk about life after X Factor, his new album … Continue reading

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Huffington Post – Aiden Grimshaw On His Debut Tour: ‘It’s Been An Emotional Journey Of Action’

  Originally posted on Huffington Post website October 2012 Excerpt “It’s been good, all the reviews and stuff and people have said they really like it. I think it’s out … Continue reading

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The White Noise – Aiden Grimshaw // Breaking the Bubble

Initially posted on The White Noise August 2012 Excerpt WN: What is the most bizarre food you’ve ever eaten? AIDEN: Chicken heart. I went to one of those Brazilian meat … Continue reading

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Glamour Magazine – Interview Aiden Grimshaw

Originally posted on Glamour website August 2012 Excerpt G: Would you say you’ve written it about a particular person? A: “Yeah, it’s about me. It’s just about what I was going … Continue reading

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Fame Magazine – Aiden Grimshaw Interview

  Originally posted on Fame Magazine August 2012 Excerpt If you hadn’t been successful on a TV talent show would you have still pursued a career in music? I think … Continue reading

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Topman Generation – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally posted on the Topman site December 2012 Excerpt The creative chemistry with Rogers spurred Grimshaw into action, helping him wrap up the record in just four months: “I think … Continue reading

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Soundcloud – Lee Kelly – Aiden Grimshaw Interview

New on soundcloud, but the interview is from the time of the Misty Eye Release. (If you are an email subscriber, you may not see the soundcloud widget below on … Continue reading

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