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Help – I’m in jail or suspended

Thanks to our many Undercover Agents who have suffered for the cause and gave us advice on this.

Oh no, you’re in Twitter jail.  Normally you’ll be there for about an hour but sometimes you can be in there for longer.  If you want to get out,  go to the twitter support page and follow the suggestions. Again no link due to showing up on their referral log.

Note – once you get the email from twitter acknowledging your suspension, YOU MUST REPLY TO IT, otherwise your help ticket will be closed and you will not get your account back.

The best way to get out of twitter jail is never to get in it in the first place.  (End of lecture)

FOLLOWERS NOTE When you are in Twitter jail, you lose all your followers and your following list.  Yes, that made you sweat a bit, didn’t it.  If you are not in twitter jail and you see that you have lost some followers give it a few days before unfollowing them just in case they are in twitter jail.

One comment on “Help – I’m in jail or suspended

  1. AngelaConway
    January 27, 2011

    hey, did you know that if you tweet more than 100 tweets per hour you get jailed and if you tweet more than 1000 tweets a day you also get jailed. So the ideal way of keeping out of jail is to make sure you don’t go past 100 in an hour.

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