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‘Pop star ended my speech nightmare’

Aiden Blackpool


We shamelessly stole the picture from Aiden’s Facebook and Twitter because – well, you’ll see when you go through to the article. Plus this one is a very nice picture. I wish I could get my whites that bright.

And that’s all the gentle mocking we can do, because this story – well it’s absolutely lovely. Even stone-hearted torn-faced us are thinking, “This is just excellent.”

“When Lara Emslie was just four years old she was diagnosed with selective mutism – an anxiety disorder which meant by the time she was 14 she had only spoken very quietly to seven of her family members.”

“I collected Lara from school and took her to HMV. We waited in the queue, and when Lara got to Aiden he asked how she was and she said, ‘Good thanks’.

Read the whole article on the Blackpool Gazette ‘Pop star ended my speech nightmare’

We wish Lara and her mum all the very best.

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