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Electrowerkz – Aiden Gig

Aiden Electrowerkz

Be jealous of my stupendous photography skills

Look at the state of that picture. I’m embarrassed. “I went to a gig and saw a red lava man sing next to a glowing green keyboard. In a room filled with vaseline so everything is blurred”.


However I refuse to be downhearted. I am happy because Searcher finally put fingers to keyboard and wrote something! She’s not happy about it, and sent me a right snotmail about it. The snotmail is more amusing than her post to be honest. I’ve known her for over three years and did not suspect that she knew such words.  My poor eyes were scarred by the harshness of the language.

So here, for one night only before she retreats to the land of alerts, searches, and YouTube is Searcher’s choice for “Tonight We Are …”. Tonight we are talking about the Electrowerkz gig.

“Today we’re re-living a whole gig. Aiden’s Birthday gig .


Out of all 81 of our You Tube playlists, this one is in first place with by far the most views.

It’s also the only place you can listen to A Different Way and Hero as they’re not on the EP. And since this is my turn to pick, I can definitively say A Different Way is best.



We love an Aiden gig, we may be a little bit addicted. Aiden has amazing stage presence, he sweeps you away to a whole different world. If you ever get the opportunity to go to a gig, GO! We promise you won’t regret it.


We’re still a little confused as to why we got the present of a free gig from Aiden on his birthday, it’s a little back-to-front but then Aiden’s always done things his way, he’s always stood out from the crowd, and that’s why we’ve been such huge fans for nearly 4yrs!”

For more on the Electrowerkz gig, have a look at these.

Our review

Review and pictures from Shane Marais

Pictures from @AreYouOKAbi


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