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Aiden – Is This Love

Aiden Is This Love



This was really exciting. We all had no idea what to expect, and then up popped “Is This Love” on Nylon Magazine. Then this happened.

Blogs and Twitter went bananas. For more blogs and reactions, have a look at our ”Is This Love” tag. Searcher actually took a sickie from work to get home and log all the posts. I was stuck in traffic shouting abuse at my pinging phone desperate to get home and listen. Scrolling back through the timelines and catching everyone’s reactions later was brilliant.

Then we had the excitement of the first radio play, then the first showing of the video, and then the big night when “Is This Love” was released. It got to number 8 in the dance charts and number 35 in the main charts.




oh and you may as well have this one as well

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