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Aiden – Notion Magazine

Notion Aiden

Tonight’s choice is from June 2012 and Notion magazine – the Aiden cover and interview. Remember the excitement about this? I may have stalked the poor WH Smiths guy who was putting the magazines out on the shelves the day this issue came out. (I’m not coming out well in this at all.)

“Have you got it? Is it there? Is it on the cage? Are you putting it out? Is it there? It better be there. Have you got it there? Can I have one? Is it in there? GIVE ME THE DAMNED MAGAZINE!” Then it turned out to be the Rizzle Kicks cover so I had to fix him with a steely glare until the right cover was produced. I ended up buying the two different covers because I get confused easily and I’m not good with choices.

You can read the Aiden interview on the Notion website and if you’d like to buy the Notion magazine Aiden cover issue you can buy it on the link.

Notion Magazine also included The Cleaner on their November 2013 playlist.

Aiden Grimshaw Styled for Notion Magazine by Alexis Knox

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