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Shane Marais – Gig: Aiden, Electrowerkz, Islington, London (4 December 2013)

Picture by Shane Marais

Picture by Shane Marais


I was at a free gig at Electrowerkz in Islington, London, tonight to celebrate Aiden’s 22nd birthday, and the appeal of his new material was blindingly evident to the small crowd assembled there. His love of performing was infectious

Long time readers of this blog will remember that we love a good old rant round these parts. We were never happier than when having a rant and rage. Shane sent us his blog the other morning telling us straight away that it was a rant. Colours nailed straight to the mast.

There are also fantastic pictures on the blog. Have a look.

Shane Marais – Gig: Aiden, Electrowerkz, Islington, London (4 December 2013)

but I guess all you can do is take a Valium, assume that Aiden and his management team know where they’re going with all of this, and wait for the next instalment in what is turning out to be a fascinating journey.

Whatever transpires, I’ll be along for the ride. In the meantime, enjoy the pics below from tonight’s birthday bash.

From what we saw at the gig in our not-at-all-creepy-watching-them position, they know where they are going and what they are doing (apart from giving us the Twitter account. That was madness. I’m always one Tia Maria and a scolding email from Video Uploader away from tweeting my thesis on 1984’s section on The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism. I wouldn’t even follow that and I wrote it) and Shane’s right in that it’s fascinating to watch. And he’s right as well in that it keeps us all interested and along for the ride. If it was easy and we knew what was coming next we would have all got bored. And we’ve never been that!


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