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Our gig review – Aiden at Electrowerkz

Be jealous of my stupendous photography skills

Be jealous of my stupendous photography skills

First of all – gig reviewing is hard. All of the blogs that we link to write such fantastic music reports. Mine always come out like;

“The gig was good. We went for a kebab. The town was busy. The End”

So bear with me. I asked Video Uploader to help me, because there are two of us that do all this stuff, but she laughed at me because she is evil and bad. She does the searches, I do the writing. Tonight I am not happy about this. I want to sit under a duvet on the couch eating sweeties and watching telly. In fact, I’m changing her name. She is no longer Video Uploader, she is Searcher.

So – Aiden’s birthday gig at Electrowerkz.

First I wondered what Aiden we were going to get. Happy-Chatty-Aiden or These-Are-My-Songs-And-I-Am-Going-To-Sing-Them-Aiden. It was neither of them; Super-Happy-It’s-My-Birthday-And-I’m-Singing-And-This-Is-Just-The-Best-Feeling-Aiden bounded on the stage. Thom Kirkpatrick started playing Gold Digger as Aiden came out and Aiden started laughing and dancing at the back at the stage, which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night.

He sang an impromptu cover of Tender, the Aiden EP, The Way We Are and his two new songs, Hero and A Different Way. Hero is the most recent track. There is turmoil in the AidenTrendSite Underground Lair as I love Hero and Searcher prefers A Different Way. But I’m writing this, she had her chance and she blew it, so I win.

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this all gets a release and he gets to tour it outside London so that everyone can see it. He obviously had a great time onstage, and it was infectious. I love Aiden gigs for that; people meeting up with their Twitter timeline friends and watching the gig and having a good time. It did feel like a party as everyone mingled in the bar afterwards.

Not me though. I went for a kebab. It was good. The End

Video Playlist of the Electrowerkz gig 

Pictures of the gig by @AreYouOkAbi

Pictures and review of the gig by Shane Marais


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