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New Accounts – Aiden, Aiden TrendSite and AGTrendsite

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So, what have you been up to today? We’ve had a fun day.

If this is the first time here – welcome. We post links to Aiden stories and news from around the web.

@mr_grimshaw has moved to @Aiden.

The name on @mr_grimshaw account is now @AidenTrendSite.

We were contacted and asked if we’d take over the old @mr_grimshaw account. So we did.

@AGTrendsite will still be kept open but everything will be tweeted from @AidenTrendSite now. @AGTrendsite will still be there because that’s our little baby and we have fond memories of shouting at the screen from that account – oh yes we do. Plus when we think about shutting that account we come over all

@AGTrendsite and @AidenTrendSite are still 100 % unofficial. They are still fansites.

We know that followers will plummet from @AidenTrendSite – the two of us that look after the account have a sweep going as to how many – because people followed Aiden, not us. And that’s OK. But hopefully if you’re reading this and you are a fan of Aiden you’ll stick around. We only post good stuff.

We’re also on Tumblr – we need to tidy that up a bit, and we have a really rather good YouTube page with lots of playlists from all the gigs and live appearances. If you want to be emailed with all the Aiden news from the site, you can sign up on the link on the toolbar on the right.

So hello to new readers, a hearty hello to old friends, and let’s see what’s next from Aiden.

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