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Metro – Aiden Grimshaw: The six tracks rocking my world

Metro Aiden Grimshaw

Nirvana by Sam Smith 
An epic song. I don’t know the words but it compels me to attempt to join in and just make noise.”

This.  I heartily approve of this practice.  I don’t think that the songwriters would consider me turning a carefully crafted and artful lyric into a half yelled approximation of their words, but there you go.  Tunelessly shouting my shopping list out over a tune while driving along is a small pleasure but an enjoyable one.

We saw a couple of weeks ago that the picture on the website and Facebook had changed to “EP soon” from “EP September” but we really couldn’t be bothered with all the snash that goes on with that, so ignored it.  (I take that attitude when it comes to mess as well. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. There’s so much nonsense kicked under my bed that my nose skims the ceiling when I’m lying down. I don’t care. Aaaaaaanyway.)

So, confirmation that the EP is out in October. Circle the whole month ready for A Better Man.

Oh – and read the Metro article here. Nearly forgot to link it.


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