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Blackpool Gazette – Pop star Aiden’s charity goal

Aiden Grimshaw

(We’re putting a different picture up here because the picture on the Gazette Website is like a “Guess Who The Pixellated Pop Star Is And Win £5” competition)

NEWS! Imagine our glee. The better angels of our selves won out and wouldn’t allow us to make up stories or post any parody stories (The “Cook With Aiden Grimshaw” recipe book made up of instagram and twitter pictures was a best seller if we’d have put it live) so NEWS!  When it came up on the search it’s lucky that us co-owners weren’t in the same room as each other for there would have been dancing, oh yes. Dancing and drinking and whoops of delight.

Anyway, to the news. It’s not music, it’s Soccer Six at Bolton, and it’s an article in Aiden’s hometown paper, The Blackpool Gazette.


The event will see a number of big names take to the field alongside X Factor star Aiden – including Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne, N-Dubz front man Dappy and pop star Tinchy Stryder.

Are you going to Soccer Six? We’re a bit short on videos seeing as the students at Keele posted NONE AT ALL! (Even though they did take video. We saw a picture of someone filming the gig with an iPad, ferchrissakes. We love an iPad, but not at gigs.) The Guides aren’t much better, no videos have surfaced from Shine in Bournemouth yet (come on Guides, you’re supposed to be the best and the brightest. Our future. Members of the digital generation. YouTube is your friend.)

Oh yeah, the article. You can read it here. Enjoy

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