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April 18th 2012

Aiden Grimshaw Is This Love

Right, try this.

Lie down.

Shut your eyes.

Clear your mind of all sentient thought.

(Found that step a bit of a breeze actually)

Take deep calming breaths.

Cast your mind back to this time last year.

What were you doing?

I know what I was doing.

(Although I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for my personal twitter’s “download your tweets” option. My archive reads like a diary. A sad, sad, diary full of cringe)

I’m not telling you what I was doing this time last year. It definitely wasn’t obsessing over Aiden’s tweets of “tomorrow” and then wondering, “WHAT COULD IT ALL MEEEEAAAN?!”

(It definitely was)

Why is April 18th 2012 important?

It’s not really. It’s just that April 18th was the day before April 19th which was THE DAY WE HEARD IS THIS LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Oh yes.

Here’s the Nylon article to prove it.

(Although they say it was published on April 18th, which is a load of old bobbins. My twitter archive goes into gibbering meltdown on April 19th, so that is the date that I am going with)

So a year ago today was our last day without new music.

(I was going to say our last day of speculation and hunting around for new information, but Hi! Here we are still doing it a year later. Oh the fun life of an Aiden Grimshaw news blog. You don’t want to see the texts and DMs between us co-owners. We do swears.)

Anyway. Is This Love begat Curtain Call begat Misty Eye Album begat Misty Eye Tour begat whatever has been going on in the studio so all is good and happy and bouncy.

Join us in blasting out Is This Love as loud as you can. A year ago tomorrow we heard it for the first time.

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