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La Vida Magazine – Blast From The Past: Aiden Grimshaw

Aiden Grimshaw

(Originally posted on La Vida website November 2012)

We were going to do a topical Easter special post. However circumstances outwith our control (bags full of chocolate and haribo to be eaten and bottles of wine to be guzzled. Not really outwith our control, but that sounds better than “slobbing about all day eating and drinking”) means it’s a standard catch up link to a web story we haven’t posted before.

It’s not second best though, because as always (we only link to qual-ee-tay) it’s a good one.

With critics describing the single as a mix of undertones, sounding a little like coldplay but still holding his originality; dialling up the haunting and intensity levels since his last single Mad World

You can read the whole the whole article on the La Vida website.

And of course – Happy Easter! Enjoy the Bank Holiday.

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