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Cave Dweller is back with this little guest post. So welcome her as she comes blinking into the sunlight to share her sadness at the demise of Google Reader, and what to do if you are reading this blog via your RSS feed.

Remember far back in the dim and distant past of the internet? I do. Blogs were called journals and nearly all the journallers knew each other. If you wanted to keep in touch with people of a similar interest you used Listserv. You could only get a Facebook account if you had a university or college email address. If you wanted to keep up with blogs you had to bookmark the home page and then trawl through them all one by one to see if they had been updated. Twitter was a bird noise. Tumblr was a misspelt employee of Billy Smart’s Circus. Yes, it was as boring as it sounds.

Then Google Reader started and how we all celebrated. Then this week Google Reader announced it was shutting down on July 1st and how we all moaned. Google Reader worked, it was a great way to keep up with all our favourite blogs and WHY DO YOU HATE US GOOGLE?!?

Anyway, if you want to keep up with the blog, you can sign up with the button on the right and have all the updates emailed to you; either instantly, daily or weekly. If you get fed up (which you won’t because we all need more Aiden Grimshaw in our lives) you can unsubscribe easily. Plus the reason that there are pretty pictures in all the blog posts is so you also get lovely pictures emailed to you every day. The email addresses are safe, you won’t get anything else apart from the blog posts.

If you do want to use an RSS Reader, here are a few alternatives to Google Reader.

There you go. If you didn’t use Google Reader then you didn’t need this post, but if you do, hope it was useful. You will be returned to your standard Aiden Grimshaw News tomorrow. It was nice hearing from Cave Dweller though – all we need is for Ranting Writer and Marcellaux to tip up and we’ve put the old band back together.


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This entry was posted on March 16, 2013 by in General.

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