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Sonic Reverie – Live Review: Aiden Grimshaw (Nottingham Rescue Rooms)

Aiden Grimshaw

Photo by Darren Reynolds, Sonic Reverie

Originally posted on Sonic Reverie September 2012


The final two tracks ‘Nothing At All’ and ‘Curtain Call’ were unforgettable and positioned perfectly at the peak of both the album and the live set – the latter providing the necessary hands-in-the-air moment and plenty of sing-a-long moments for the audience to savour. The setlist comprised of the album, in an almost chronological order, followed by an encore of the bonus track ‘Chokehold’ performed in a feel-good celebratory manner alongside Seye and his backing band.

You can read the full Aiden Grimshaw review on the Sonic Reverie site. If you want to see the gig – and why wouldn’t you? You can’t have anything else better on than this – Video Uploader has selflessly sat and watched every Aiden Grimshaw video that fans have put on YouTube and put them on an Aiden Grimshaw at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms playlist. She has a tough job and she does it well.


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