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Culture Compass – Interview with Aiden Grimshaw

Aiden Grimshaw


Originally posted on Culture Compass October 2012

We’ve already posted the video of this interview with Aiden Grimshaw, but we hadn’t tracked down the article. After exhaustive searching (who’d have thought putting “Culture Compass Aiden Grimshaw” into google would work? Give us a couple of years and a half-decent wireless connection and we’ll be lethal at this internet lark) we found the accompanying words. Enjoy.


When I tweeted yesterday that I would be interviewing Aiden the response was positive, bar one from a male friend who is stubbornly immersed in the alternative scene. Those who have listened to ‘Curtain Call’ and ‘Is This Love’ appreciated the results of his two year stint of experimentation, writing and mulling-over which lead to his debut album, ‘Misty Eye’. Spies have told me too that the boyfriends that were once dragged along to shows with their lovelorn girlfriends are now feeling less out of place and noticeably more willing.

Read the article and watch the interview (again) on the Culture Compass website

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