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Gigwise Session: Aiden Grimshaw ‘Nothing At All’

Aiden Grimshaw Gigwise Nothing At All

The original album version blends heartfelt vocals with drum’n’bass influenced production, but we caught up with Grimshaw recently to film an exclusive acoustic performance of the track, as the singer and the band stripped back ‘Nothing At All’ at Red Bull Studios exclusively for Gigwise.

Originally uploaded on Gigwise August 2012

Remember August? It was a damn sight warmer and most of us weren’t recreating Dancing On Ice – The Bambi Years walking from our houses to wherever we wanted to go, that’s for sure.

Away back in August, Gigwise posted this live session. We were on our little break, so we hadn’t posted it on here. No time like the present.

No surprise that we like this. We like it a lot. Don’t be glum about Nothing At All not being released. Stream this version with Nothing At All from your Misty Eye purchase, the Tough Love Remix and Nothing At All from BT Live in Hyde Park and you have your own 4-track release. The last time Aiden Grimshaw was in the studio we got Misty Eye, which was definitely worth waiting for!

Read the Gigwise post about the Aiden Grimshaw session

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