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An apology to email and RSS subscribers


Look at Aiden’s face there. Look how worried and woebegone he looks. Well that is how we feel just now. For what we are about to do to your email inboxes or RSS feeds we are truly sorry.

We’re going to start updating the site again. All the tweets about new music from Aiden and MrsTapster have us all excited. Work has calmed down to a non-frenetic level and we can start up again. We’re giving subscribers an early warning because we are going to attack your inbox with about 20 – 25 backdated updates in about 10 minutes time. Please forgive us. This is Aiden looking like he is contemplating forgiveness.

idol magazine aiden grimshaw

This is Aiden all happy and smiley because he has embraced forgiveness.

Aiden Grimshaw

If you don’t want to receive the updates, you can unsubscribe from this email. Hope you stick around though.

We’ll be back on AGTrendsite from about 6-ish.

Here’s to #AGNewMusic in 2013!

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This entry was posted on January 18, 2013 by in General.

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