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Chart Show TV. Transcript of Aiden Grimshaw Interview


This Blackpool boy belted out Kanye West’s Golddigga in the X Factor auditions back in 2010′. Fast forward to 2012 and he’s about to showcase his new, exciting solo material with his debut single. It’s a big, excited Chart Show welcome to Aiden Grimshaw. Hello, how are you?

Good thank you.

Perfect, I am very well thank you. Now it’s been two years since the X Factor, you’ve kept us waiting for your first release for a bit of a while. How come it’s taken so long?

I’ve just been trying out loads of different stuff; seeing what was right and not right, taking my time

You didn’t want to release something quickly. You wanted to take your time and really…

Yes, live a little bit, experience some things to make it honest.

Now it’s been well worth the wait, Is This Love is a huge tune, we absolutely love it on Chart Show TV

Thank you.

When it came time to release the first single, did it take a while to go through all the tracks that you had written.

There was a little bit of a process which was me mainly putting a CD on in the car and driving down the motorway on a sunny day, but not too much debate. I think that this was the right one.

Perfect, I think so too, absolutely love it. It’s probably a different sounding single to what people would have expected you to release, so was that a conscious decision for you to go a bit different?

No, I just think we made music that I felt I would listen to now, music that I like and is honest.

Well you helped to write the track so was it a conscious decision to be involved in the writing of your own material as well?

I’m quite a difficult person to work with, so I kind of had to write it…

Have your say


That’s always good though

I think so, I think that’s the best way to do it

Definitely. Now let’s pause for a few minutes and break out that track right now. Here’s Aiden Grimshaw with Is This Love

plays Is This Love

Aiden we absolutely love the video but you’re hardly in it apart from a two second cameo. Now it’s your first ever music video so why did you decide to avoid the limelight?

I just think that it’s a bot more about the music than about me running about like, “Yay” (jazz hands) all the way through. And I’m not good in front of cameras, I get a bit sweaty.

Fair dos

This has only been a short interview but any longer and I’d be…

Any longer and we’d see it pouring down your face…


Now we’ve got to touch upon your X Factor experience. Of course Dannii Minogue was your mentor. Do you still keep in touch?

Not so much after the show; she texted me a few weeks ago and was like, “Good tune, very proud, well done” which was lovely. But not so much, I came ninth so, no, not so much. (laughs)

Not so much. How would you describe the whole X Factor experience of two years ago. What was it like?

Mental. Pretty odd experience, it was brilliant but at the same time, a lot of odd stuff happened which is like, that’s pretty weird. But it was good it’s pretty odd.

Now the One Direction boys, Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson were also in your series and they’ve gone on to do really really good things, have you spoken to them since?

No, they’ve been pretty busy, I’ve been sat on the sofa, you know, so no

Kicking back

Kicking back, chilling out

In your pyjamas, eating loads of food

Don’t really have much pyjama wear

Don’t you?

I’ve always liked boxer shorts

Really? I’m imagining that and I’m liking it Aiden. Now One Direction, in particular, have had a huge success in America, is that a path you’d like to go on to do some stuff in America maybe?

I quite like America, it’s sunny isn’t it

It’s nice and sunny and it’s hot. You should be wearing the outfit that you sit on the sofa with out today maybe

No, those pants aren’t really street wear

Fair do’s. So your debut album is called ‘Misty Eye’, I really like that title. How do you describe it?

It’s pretty big, I think, it’s a big sound. It’s pretty epic sounding. There’s loads of aggressive beats, and then there’s some like quiet small moments then at the end there’s some like woo (jazz hands)

Oh wow! Were you listening to anyone in particular when you were making the album, just for inspiration?

Listen to a lot of Moby, really like Massive Attack, went through a weird stage of like not listening to any music cos I thought if I listen to too much music I’d steal all their ideas

Right OK, fair enough

but yeah maybe Massive Attack, Eva Cassidy ‘Wade in the Water’, and always a bit of Wham, I like a bit of Wham

Wake me up! definitely. So have you any plans to play any gigs later this year, have you got any shows lined up?

I think we’ve got a few smaller shows lined up, hopefully towards the end of the year there’ll be like a collective of shows around the same sort of date, which would be good

Definitely and what can an Aiden Grimshaw show consist of, is it pretty stripped back, you just doing?

No, it’s pretty big, it’s pretty different to what people expect I think

Oh wow

There’s some super super super bass

Exciting times

Have you ever experienced that?

No I haven’t

You should get yourself down there

I am coming to your London show. So I do want to witness this super super bass and if I don’t

Don’t stand too close to the front because you’ll have to go to the bathroom


Super bass

Oh dear, you’re not really selling it well with the

It’s a journey (laughs)

Ok, it’s a journey, we’ll go on this journey Aiden, it’s all good, I’ll have to experience it. Now, before we let you go, we’ve been inundated with loads of twitter questions from our @Chartshowtv followers so I’m going to quickly ask you a few now

Okey Doke

So Kelly has tweeted in to ask you (@KellyClague) ‘What’s your favourite song in the charts right now? :)’

I quite like the Rihanna song, that’s a bit of a tune isn’t it. I also quite like the DJ Fresh and Dizzee Rascal tune, that’s quite a big tune

Rebecca would like to know (@WOAHDirectioner) ‘Who was your idol when you were growing up and is that person still your idol today?’

I suppose I started off with like Frank Sinatra and then Jamie Cullum, so maybe not so much idol but big influences

And you still like them now?


Chris would like to know (@ChrisDoc666) ‘What’s the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a fan so far in your career?’

Don’t really know because I’ve not really been recognised for a while so I’ve kinda forgotten all those crazy things

Maybe us in that kebab shop?

What happened in the kebab shop? What went down? Did you get a kebab?

I sadly wasn’t present but a couple of our team members were and they were like oh my god that’s Aiden and Zayn, ran over in their outfits cos we had like a sports day

I bet they went for Zayn first didn’t they?

I couldn’t say cos I wasn’t there

Straight to One Direction, there’s that guy who sang Mad World as well, take a picture (laughs)

That’s a weird experience though at 12 o’clock in the evening

Yeah, pretty weird

Getting you guys in a kebab shop. Becky (@Hey_Becky) would like to know ‘what’s your favourite song ever?’

(sings) ‘Something inside so strong’, I can’t pronounce his name but it’s a pretty good tune, (sings) ‘I know that I can make it’ (Labi Siffre)

(Sings) ‘but you’re doing me wrong so wrong’. Ellie (@EllieAG) would like to know ‘describe your album in 3 words’

Pretty bloody epic

Oh, nice, there we go

Not the most modest think I’ve ever said really, don’t hold me to it

Cool, and Hayley (@aidenslassxo) would like to know ‘If you could be anyone else for a day who would you be?’

Ron Jeremy

I don’t know who that is

Oh, you need to


(laughs) Sorry, I wouldn’t want to be Ron Jeremy, he’s a porn guy

Ohhhh! Marcus (@MarcusMagnus22) would like to know ‘If you could collaborate with someone on a track who would it be?

I went to see a band called Alabama Shakes and I watched a woman and she was phenomenal, so her

Well Aiden, thank you so much for answering those tweets from @chartshowtv viewers  and thanks for popping in

It’s a pleasure. I’m glad it’s nearly coming to an end, I’m a bit sweaty, it’s that Ron Jeremy thing

I can fan you down. Make sure you pop back again soon, especially as you’re 2minutes down the road. Now we thought we’d let you choose the video to sign out with. You can choose a video, these all relate to you in some sort of way, so you can either have One Direction, obviously your X Factor buddies, with What Makes You Beautiful, Danni Minogue, obviously your X Factor mentor, with This Is It, or Kanye West, your X Factor audition song, with Gold Digger

I’m going to go for Kanye



Wicked, let’s do it

Let’s do it

Here we go, Kanye West, Gold Digger, for this dude here

(plays Gold Digger)

Thanks to @Mella_Moo_Aiden for the picture

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