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Radio 1 Xtra, Adele Roberts. Aiden Grimshaw Interview

The link to the interview is only live for a week, so we transcribed it. ON A SUNNY DAY. You’re welcome.

I’m just smiling so much. I’ve just had tingles in my tummy and I’ll tell you why in a second – It’s Brew Time!

So why have I got tingles in my tummy? Well ever since the Autumn of 2010 I’ve been dying to get my hands on this boy (“Form a queue” – Ranting Writer) I’m a grimling, I’ll just put it out there. It’s hot in here as well – woooo! – It’s HOT IN HERE (both laugh). He is repping North Shore Blackpool, the posh end. He is Mr Aiden Grimshaw!

Hi Aiden, how are you doing?

I’m good, thank you, how are you?

Good, yeah. Really good. Oh you sound even better in real life! I love it. OK, I’m going to try and compose myself. Shall we make you a cuppa tea? Let’s start with that first because you’ve come round for a brew. What can I get you? Now I don’t know why you’ve been so nice enough to come out of the sun today, to come and see me and to come in this dungeon and have a hot cuppa tea on such a hot day but thank you anyway. It’s really good of you.

Thank you.

So, do you drink tea?

I do.  I do indeed.

Good lad. Would you like a mug or a cup?

A mug.

OK, here we go. (Sound effect which sounds like a horse peeing in a big tin bucket.) Even thought that sounds like slightly dirty water, it’s not. I promise you it’s all clean. Do you take sugar or are you sweet enough?

No two sugars please.

Alright. D’you like my lumps, yeah? Another one, yeah? And would you like any milk in that?

A slight bit.

OK. While we’re making that –  we actually do make them in real life I promise you – maybe you can tell us a bit about your night out on the town with… You’re looking at us a bit surprised here … Matt Cardle.


Or were the papers lying?

No they weren’t. Yeah we went out and we got drunk…

…had a bit of a blowout…

Yeah, that happened …

…safely of course…

…safely and responsibly but it happened.

I’m slightly worried about this story because your mate’s just gone out the studio – has he gone to hide, run and hide? Who’s that guy that’s just gone out? Laughs Oh nobody’s gone out! Big laughs Oh I thought I was going to get some juicy information here but everybody’s here with us. So what would you usually be doing on a nice day like today if you weren’t here with me?

I’d like to be laid on some grass doing not very much in the sun.

OK well we can sort that out me and you can go to Regent’s Park later and do that

Let’s do that, that would be nice.

I thought you’d be a tops off sort of guy, you know, tops off, walk down the front, Staffordshire Bull Terrier on a lead, no?

As soon as the sun comes out, and short shorts on and a vest.

OK so we’ve got the tea, would you like to have a slurp on that? Get your lips round that and see what you think.

Is it going to be dead hot?

You can blow on it.

Jeezus that’s hot. I knew it was going to be hot but that’s… I still went for it.


But it was very hot. I’ve got one of those grizzly tongue things, you know when it’s just a bit hot?

OK, let’s exchange biscuits because I believe you have a packet round there for me. What have you brought me?

I brought you some Ginger Snaps. Are you a fan?

Ohhhh noooooooo. Yeah, I love them, they’re really really nice, yeah ( both laugh) We’ll break into those in a second. I tell you what, we’ll play a song and then you’re here to tell me about your brand new album which I’m really excited about, Misty Eye, so we’ll just chat about that in a sec

Okey pokey.

We’ll just put a tune on. Do you like P-Square?

I do

Nice one. Here we go.

Plays P-Square.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions for Aiden. This is my favourite one so far, I’m going to have to ask you. Just had a tweet in, my page has crashed, but someone asked, “Do you burn easily?”

On my shoulders I seem to burn a little bit quicker than anywhere else.

Have you got any proof of that? Do you want to…

Yesterday a little bit of burnage…

(Wolf whistles) I just wanted him to undress and he’s done it, yes! Sorry Aiden, I know you’re going to get a restraining order when we’ve finished this. So about two years ago today, or around this time, you must have been pretty nervous. I reckon you were just about to go auditioning in Manchester for The X Factor.

Yeah, that was a long day.

Were you actually nervous, did you feel the nerves? I know it’s quite a silly question because you probably were, but you seem quite a confident guy. How did it feel on the day?

I was pretty nervous but on the day, it was a long day, so towards the end of the day I took my grandma and she was just looking pretty tired, so the first thing in my head was that I just had to get her home.

You had to get through to keep her happy!

My mum and my grandma (couldn’t catch the next bit) twelve hour day!

It’s the world of TV though, it takes a lot longer . It’s not just the way it looks on The X Factor, it takes a lot longer behind the scenes


I know this, because I went to see you that day, I was there for your audition.

In Manchester?


Get in!

You walked straight on, stripy T short, didn’t you, and a denim top.

Yeah, I did!

Everyone’s like, Adele you are really a stalker, but I just happened to be there I was supporting some of my friends who were auditioning as well. I remember everybody as they were walking out they were going, “Oh that lad Aiden was amazing!” so we kind of knew you were going to do really well.  Then obviously you made it on to the show.

So for anybody who’s auditioning this year, what’s your best advice. I know it’s hard to give but what would you say to people?

Go out and smash it up!

Well said!

Smash it!

Go out and do this!

(Plays Golddigga audition)

Jeezus, where have you got this from? I’ve suddenly got really uncomfortable (laughs)

Alright we’ll stop that then. Let’s talk about your new stuff then. It’s been only two years yet you’ve crafted this, well I’ve only heard one song so far, this absolutely brilliant album called Misty Eye. Just tell me about the process of making it. 

We finished the show and I went around, going underground and didn’t hear from me for a little bit. I was with writers and producers and stuff. Trying to find my feet. In November I met  Jarrad Rogers  who produced the whole album. We just wrote it based on an experience that I was going through at the time. It’s all pretty fresh. It’s cool, it’s a good vibe.

So the person that you’ve wrote it about, do they know?


Have you got anything to say to that person? I’m sure that you’re going to do it musically in a bit when we play your song.

I rang her this morning for a little bit of a natter…

Oh did you?

Sprung on us that she’s got a boyfriend, as you do

(….) I’m fuming Laughs Yes let’s move on from that. I won’t say the word, let’s not go there. (Aiden laughing in background) What’s really cool about you is that on the show you were very eclectic, you did all sorts of stuff. I remember you doing Michael Jackson and Thriller, you did that brilliantly. You did a bit of Prince, you also did a bit of Shirley Bassey as well, Diamonds Are Forever, so  what does the album sound like? Is there one word you can give me to sum it up?

It’s honest…

Right, that’s good I like that.


So shall we play your first single?

We can, yeah.

Do you know which remix we’ve got racked up ready to go for you?

I hope it’s the Muffler one.

It is!

Badman – Badman remix

So how did you end up working with Muffler?

We just sent a load of things through really, and he came back and he smashed it. This is sik I really like this. It reminds me of how I would imagine a foam party in Ibiza or some stuff like that.

OK, so keep that thought in your mind while I’m gagging on the ginger nuts that you brought me. I’m sorry babe but I don’t like them…

Nobody seems to like them (Both laugh)

I’ve slightly put them in the bin. I hope you don’t mind.

Bad choice. I took such a long time to decide…

…You haven’t drunk my tea!

It’s dead hot!

Alright let’s play your song. Could you  introduce it for me please?

This is Is This Love, the Muffler remix.


Aiden Grimshaw


(Plays Muffler remix of Is This Love)

This is IMMENSE! Grimlings your boy done you good. Aiden Grimshaw right now on 1 Xtra Is This Love the Muffler remix. I’m talking over him, I’ll shut up and let him just sing the rest of the song.

(Song finishes)

That was heavy, we turned it right up in the studio. I’ll be honest my muffin top was going at that. It was really good!

And what is even better about that song as well is that it was written by Aiden of course. He’s a talented boy, and it’s out on June 3rd from his debut album Misty Eye . So we’ve got some of your Grimlimngs who have sent in some questions so may I ask them to you Mr Grimshaw?


 So first one – why did you decide to call your album Misty Eye?

Because it’s not really a statement it’s just a load of thoughts that most people have behind their eyes. What goes on in your head, and I was always pretty drunk so “misty eyes”.

I thought it was because you might be crying but…

No, no

Rosie says “Are you looking forward to Camden? I can’t wait”

I can’t wait and I’m dead excited to be back on stage.

Wicked, so what’s happening at Camden in case anyone wants to come along? 

I’m playing Breakout

Wicked, what date?

13th June.

Nice one, cool, stash that guys, make sure that you’re there! Lauren Clark – this is also a question from me “What’s your number can we call you?”


Don’t give us false digits!  We want the truth!

Erm, no, I don’t really know it.


I don’t actually!

That old chestnut! Right, hello to Aiden – oh no, that’s probably one of your fans. I keep going to read out the names and it says “Hello to Aiden Grimshaw, who says…” What is your favourite track on the album. and Haley loves you. So what’s your favourite track?

I’m not sure! One of my friends asked me that yesterday and it’s like asking who’s the better footballer , Barthez or Gary Neville?

Gary Neville.

Ah but you can’t say that because they both play in different positions.

You know as a Liverpool fan that hurt me to say that. I was just being silly.

Gary Neville is a bit of a boss, isn’t he?

Yeah…No he’s not! I’m a Liverpool fan! 

You said yes.

You make me do it! I was just, “yeah…” . Alright OK, final question. You went to see the “Watch The Throne Tour” how was it, you’ve got to tell me babe because I’ve not been.

Pretty epic

So for anybody, because the [Watch The Throne] tour is going to go to Manchester and stuff so is there a little thing that can tease how good this tour is?

Just the fact that they encore the ending like, 8 times, it was epic.

Did they just keep spinning “Paris” was it?

“Open up a circle” and everyone opened up a circle and moshing out it was just … “Open up another circle” “and one at the back” and just waved until everyone was in these big circles and just smashed it out.

So listen you are in for a treat, Mr Aiden Grimshaw said it, if you are going to Watch The Throne. Aiden, thanks so much for coming in to see us.

It’s been a pleasure.

I wish I could keep you for longer but I’m not allowed. Producer Cal says I’ve got to let you go back out into the sunshine. Just quickly before you go, when’s the single out? When can we buy it?

The single [Is This Love] is out on June 3rd and the album is out on August 20th

Fantastic. And when you’re even more rich and famous will you come back and see us?

Definitely.  I will.

Fantastic. Can I have a kiss?




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