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Aiden Grimshaw Interview with CamFM

Listen to the interview with Aiden Grimshaw here, from 31.40 onwards. Transcribed in case you are on a mobile device.

Presenter 1 – Ok, we’re going to play an interview with Aiden Grimshaw now. So we met him on the Saturday (of Great Escape in Brighton), went for a nice little drink on the beach, right on the bar on the beach.

Presenter 2 – Oh, it was sooo nice!

1 – It was so nice, yes. They bought us cider. It was just great in every single way, wasn’t it?

2 – Relaxed company, so sunny.

1- We’ll play the Aiden Grimshaw interview now, and then we’ll follow it with his track. You might have to turn this up a bit, because of technical issues. It might be a little bit quiet so turn up your radios, this is Aiden Grimshaw.


So we’re at The Great Escape Festival, and we are sitting outside in the sun with Aiden Grimshaw – how are you doing today, Aiden?

I’m doing pretty good. I’m enjoying the sun.

First off, we’re going to start with a question that you’ll probably get all of the time. What was your experience of The X Factor like? Was it a bit surreal?

The X Factor was pretty crazy, man. It’s like I worked in Pizza Hut one week and then the next week I was on TV with a nice quiff and wearing a jacket and stuff; in magazines and it was pretty weird. But the opportunity was mega and I had a great time. It was really good fun.

You were performing in front of millions of people, it must seem quite easy now just performing a gig oin front of not that many people.

No, no, it’s so much… When you do The X Factor you go in and you expect it to be a massive arena, but when I stood on the stage I was like, “This looks like a school performance.”  There’s only like about thirty chairs and you forget about the cameras. I still get a little bit nervous.

So why has the quiff gone?

It was getting a bit tired. The work rate I was putting into it was a bit much and it needed a bit of time off.  It’s done a long stint.

You’ve just come down to Brighton today.  Are there any bands that you are hoping to catch today?  Or is there any new music that you are into at the moment that you’d recommend?

I’m very excited to go and watch Haim; also I really want to go and watch Alabama Shakes. I think that will be quite a hard one to get into though, won’t it? It’s going to be well busy.

Alabama Shakes are amazing, we’re big fans of Alabama Shakes. So what can we expect from your album? It’s out in August. What kind of music, what kind of style is the album?

There’s a little bit of everything I suppose. There’s your big, beaty moments, there’s your slightly darker, more upset moments, there’s your happy moments. It’s quite varied but there’s a narrative behind it and it’s all coherent with each other. It’s good; it’s pretty open. If you don’t like the first single then you might like the second one; if you don’t like that then the third one. (laughs)

Something for everyone. Did you write much of it yourself or did you work with lots of different people?

The majority, well most of it, I wrote on my own. Obviously I made some friends along the way. One guy in particular who I wrote two of the tracks with on the album, and the rest were just me and the producer. It was all just a vibe really.

I guess on The X Factor you are mainly doing covers, but you still get to do some original things with your covers. You did “Mad World” which was quite a memorable performance. Do you still whack out any of the covers at your gigs or…

No, no. I did a 57 date tour singing Mad World  and the world became mad on the 57th one so no, not sang it for a while. I heard it on the radio and I was like, “Yeah, I did that on TV, that was cool”.

Do you just never want to hear that song again, maybe or…?

“Diamonds Are Forever”, don’t want to hear that much, any more (laughs)

What was The X Factor tour like, actually, that must have been pretty crazy as well. Was it quite intense?

The whole show, the whole concept… it was all pretty mental really (the experience, not the show) I remember being under the stage getting ready to sing Mad World all intensely and hearing Wagner running about on stage singing, “She bangs, she bangs” and thinking, “This is odd. This is so odd”. (laughs)

Wagner came to our Freshers Week actually.

Did he bring a lion?

I didn’t actually get to see him, which was quite upsetting, but was he as crazy as he seems on…

Badman. Wagner’s a badman. I wonder what he’s doing now… badman

I don’t know, I’ll have to look that up. Do you still talk to Matt Cardle?

Yeah, we share the same local pub, which is handy to keep relations because we both like beer. We’re there for a bit, together. But he’s been busy this last year and a bit where I’ve been bonding with my sofa and kind of trying to find my feet. Yeah, still keep in contact with him a little bit. He’s in America at the moment, doing a bit of writing.

Very nice. Did you get to meet any massive celebrities doing The X Factor? Was there anybody that.. was there any sort of…

I had a picture of Kylie Minogue, and I walked past Rihanna.

That’s pretty big.

I got to stand next to Bon Jovi, that was pretty cool. I can’t remember, that feels like so long ago.

It does sound so surreal, and what’s your favourite fan moment? Has there been any weird… I know that the girls quite liked you on The X Factor, was there any weird sort of fan…

Not that I can think of straight away. My favourite fan moment came last week. I had my first photo with somebody and they said, “I’ve just heard your single and it was really good.” as opposed to, “Oh there’s that guy off X Factor, can I have a photo”. That was great.

Nice, well thank you for talking to us, it’s been really nice to meet you, thanks, and hope you have a good gig tonight.

You too!

Back to studio, plays Is This Love.

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