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Update On The Fans Christmas Video – How to Contribute

I’ve had another read of the original blog post for the Christmas video, and it isn’t very clear (and if I don’t get it and I wrote it then this iz baaad explainin’ #blamewine)

With the benefits of a clear head, here it all is again.

What the video is A collection of fan messages to other fans. You can add messages to Aiden /family / specific fans but your main message should be to other fans. “Merry Christmas from @AidenWillBeReleasingMusicIn2012AndOMGWeCantWaitAndAreJustAboutReadyToBurstIntoFlames” that kind of thing. (Best twitter name ever if it was allowed)

How can you take part? To make it easy to take part you can send us a message in a few ways

  • Picture – Upload a picture of your message and send us the link. The picture can be as creative as you like. You can be in it or not in it it’s up to you.
  • Video – If you’d like to send a short video – no more than 15 seconds please! – upload it to your platform of choice and then send us the link. If we cannot download the video for some reason (some platforms think that piracy is bad, kids) we will let you know. In that case we will take a screenshot of your video, add it to the video as a still and then put a clickable link  to your vid so that people can still see it. (it’s not as complicated as it sounds, honestly. You can upload it to YouTube, set it as only visible to people who you send the link, send us the link, and then we’ll download it and add it to the vid. Because we are bad bad pirates)
  • DM – If it is a short message then DM it to us. We have made pretty pretty Christmas backgrounds and will add your message to that.
  • Comment on the website. If your message is a bit longer, then add it on this post as a comment. We’ll copy and paste it onto one of our pretty pretty Christmas backgrounds and add it to the vid. (Standard disclaimer – Comments are moderated so won’t appear on the site, we’re just using this as a method of collection. If you log on via twitter or facebook we don’t see your password so it is safe. If you log on with your email address we don’t keep them or pass them on. Make one up if you want. Standard disclaimers are boring)

How not to take part

  • Don’t @mention us your message Only because other people will see your message and you lose the element of surprise #stealthylikeaninja. If you are OK with that, then ignore this and @mention away at @AGTrendsite
  • Don’t put your message as a facebook comment Same reasons as above, but if you are happy with that then so are we!

When do you send it in? As soon as you like.

Is there a deadline? Yes, could we have them all in by Tuesday 20th December please.

When will you send the video out? Hopefully 23rd December but Christmas Eve for definite.

Anything else? We’ll need at least 20 messages for a decent length video. Any less than that and we’ll post your messages on the website instead of in a video. So RT like maniacs so we get as many as possible.

Thanks for this, we look forward to seeing all your creative efforts!

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