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Twitter Q&A 6 November


emzgrimshawx Alrightaaay then. @Mr_Grimshaw Would you rather be stuck in a room with Wagner or Matt? #askaiden


Mr_Grimshaw Aiden Grimshaw  @emzgrimshawx hahaha matt!


 Tori @Mr_Grimshaw 18th December, 5:30pm, BBC 1. I’m gonna be singing!! please say you’ll watch meeee? #askaiden xxx


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @AidenIsTheSex definately what you doin?




Gem_W_ Gemma @Mr_Grimshaw whats your favourite flavoured doritos? #askaiden


1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @Gem_W_ the blue pack!




SingItStyles Billy Bob Bob Billy @Mr_Grimshaw regular coke or diet coke? #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @SingItStyles regular! x




HellYeahAiden Georgia @Mr_Grimshaw what did you do for fireworks night!? #askaiden xx


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw  @HellYeahAiden stayed at hom with the fam! was cute too see my little sister! missed it last year!






Freya_TW_ Freya @Mr_Grimshaw #askaiden Favourite subject at school? Xx


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw  @Freya_TW_ maths!!!!!!!


 Nat Heath @Mr_Grimshaw Have you seen Matt alot since the Tour?x


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @Love_For_Louis loads, he lives round the corner from me! X




LoveAidenGxx OneLoveAidenGrimshaw @Mr_Grimshaw DO YOU SAY SCONE OR SCON?


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @LoveAidenGxx scon! hahhaha! good question!




ThatGrimshawFan Mullers Bitch @Mr_Grimshaw muller yoghurt corners, yay or nay? #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @ThatGrimshawFan massive yay! x




LivCoombes Olivia Coombes @Mr_Grimshaw you going to release some more videos on YouTube? I love your voice and love to hear more. Also marry me? (bit forward?) xo


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @LivCoombes what would you like to hear?




Olivia_Grimshaw Olivia Potter. @Mr_Grimshaw if you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be? #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @Olivia_Grimshaw eva cassidy! i love her!




1DPowerRanger Faith & Gabby 🙂 @Mr_Grimshaw have you ever been starstruck? #askaiden x


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw  @1DPowerRanger went to an eventt and saw rita off of corrie! was like woahh!




Rosiee_Frenchh Rosie French 😀 @Mr_Grimshaw Would you ever go on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?? XxX 😀 #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @Rosiee_Frenchh not cut out for that me! ha!




NatashaGrimshaw Natasha 😉 @Mr_Grimshaw what kind of vibe does yout music have???? #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @NatashaGrimshaw the best kind! worth waiting for!




@Mr_Grimshaw RTd this tweet


GrimshawLovers Aiden Grimshaw  by Mr_Grimshaw @Mr_Grimshaw PLEASE TELL US IF YOU’RE SIGNED #askaidenxo




StylesAndTommo Char & Nat ϟ @Mr_Grimshaw do you sleep with socks on? #askaiden 10


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @StylesAndTommo no… i dont get that at all!




ElliotOtty Elliot Otty @Mr_Grimshaw what do you love more Matt or Nandos? #askaiden 86


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @ElliotOtty tough choice… i do love chicken!


 Aiden Grimshaw @Mr_Grimshaw ARE YOU SIGNED AND WHENS THE ALBUM? #askaiden xXN


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @GrimshawLovers would you buy the cd? xx




Sarah_1DJLSTWOM Sarah…. @Mr_Grimshaw #askaiden would you collab with matt if you got the chance? x


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @Sarah_1DJLSTWOM definately! would be crazy good i rekon!


LiamIsMineDudes Katie Byrnes @Mr_Grimshaw do you prefer toilets or unrinals #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @LiamIsMineDudes always love a toilet! hahaha!




enriquerv96 Enrique Ramirez @Mr_Grimshaw #askaiden Something you want to do before you die


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw  @enriquerv96 be in a book!




@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw computer has gone mental!




alicee_ Alice C @Mr_Grimshaw I’m so happy it’s still so hard to get a reply from you!!!! Means you have lots of Grimlings still supporting you !!!!


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @alicee_ trying hard! Switching between phone and comp to be more efficient




NatGrimshaw GUPPYNATOR!♡ @Mr_Grimshaw WHAT SIZE FEET ARE YOU? #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @NatGrimshaw 10 can fit the occasional 11 tho!




amyygrimes amy’ @Mr_Grimshaw who is your favourite band?#askaiden ♥


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw  @amyygrimes mumford and sons atm!




teamgrimshaw Aj♥ @Mr_Grimshaw did you see the WE LOVE YOU AIDEN trend @alwaysaidenx and i trended for you?! #askaiden ;P


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @_teamgrimshaw yes I did! Thank you so much! So many trends! You guys rock!


 jasten beabuh @Mr_Grimshaw #askaiden I START MY FIRST JOB TOMORROW, IMAGINE IF YOU WISHED ME LUCK! 🙂


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @HeartAidenG good luck lovely! just imagine everyone naked iznay!!!!




aidenslassxo Aidenslassxo @Mr_Grimshaw Johnny Cash yay or nay? This is a very important question Aiden! #askaiden xx


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @aidenslassxo yayayayayayayay!




lulub7 Boo Bear @Mr_Grimshaw WHICH ONES BETTER: HARRY POTTER OR TWILIGHT?! #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @lulub7 twilight!!


MarnieBollerx marnie @Mr_Grimshaw do you prefer cats or dogs?


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @MarnieBollerx dogs!!!! All the way!






@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @MEG_1D_AG weird!




@Mr_Grimshaw RTd this tweet


@KerryannaaaKerry Wortley @Mr_Grimshaw you’re trending 😀 #askaiden




DarcMeAtSix Darcie Holmes ♥ im having a mind block! @Mr_Grimshaw i cant think of any questions! maybe you should just follow me instead;) #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @DarcMeAtSix if you button up a shirt, do you start with the buttons at the bottom or top?




@Mr_Grimshaw RTd this tweet


@MissMarriellaLizzie Farrell @Mr_Grimshaw Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I tweet you again?xx #askaiden




RubyGrimling Ruby Grimshaw @Mr_Grimshaw #askaiden HOODIE OR GRANDAD JUMPER?


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @RubyGrimling I have been trying to answer this for ages! It is too hard to say! I do love a grandad jumper!




kathleen__92 Marcuscollins to win @Mr_Grimshaw #askaiden will you ever tweet me lol x


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @kathleen__92 yes i definately will! xxx




snowdropk snowdrop @Mr_Grimshaw Tell us about your music – you can delete the tweet in 10 minutes and we’ll pretend we didn’t see it. #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @snowdropk if only! xxx not long!




HeartAiden_1D ☮xo @Mr_Grimshaw Toms, vans, converse.. or none D: #askaiden


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @HeartAiden_1D no toms for me! X




_Grimlingarmy → Emily and Carenza♥ @Mr_Grimshaw favourite film? & favourite film snack? #askaiden x29


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @_Grimlingarmy blow with johnny depp! amazing film washed down wth some crispy m&ms!




Mr_Grimshaw Aiden Grimshaw


computer is being a reet pain! gonna keep shuffleing through your questions through out the nnight! thankyou so much guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x




diabloroja45 Elaine Perez Mourin @Mr_Grimshaw who is your favourite man utd player of all time #askaiden xxx


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @diabloroja45 think his name was eric djemba djemba




ILoveAidenG WeLoveMaiden @Mr_Grimshaw do you know any French?xx


@Mr_GrimshawAiden Grimshaw @ILoveAidenG weee!



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