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Aiden Grimshaw Facebook Q&A Thursday 20 October

Cave Dweller emerged blinking into the sunlight to transcribe the Q&A. Enjoy!

Alice Conners who are your favourites on x factor usa?? :)xx

alice conners: brian bradley! he is amazing


Helen Lu what’s your faveourite song on Matt’s Letters album? x

Aiden Grimshaw Helen Lu: all or nothing is a great song


Shakirah Khan what is your realationship status? What is your mobile phone number? when is your next tour? When do you next get a song out?

Aiden Grimshaw Shakirah Khan: single mingle babes!


Cave Dweller – Can’t find a question – I think it’s What are you doing and when will you release music.

Aiden Grimshaw Natwilight Pattinson: recording atm< good things come to those who wait! soon tho!


Aiden Grimshaw Rosie Hancock; happy 22nd for tomorrow


Millie Ogilvie whos your favorite artist, and whats your all time favorite song from any artist?

Aiden Grimshaw Millie Ogilvie: jimmy hendrix< and lately i have had a massive obsession with eva cassidy wade in the water!


Mali Twiddy Will you be doing a tour when your new music comes out?! ♥

Aiden Grimshaw Mali Twiddy: hope so! hahaha will you come?


Ellie Jones are doing any gigs this year?

Aiden Grimshaw Ellie Jones : should have one or 2 :0 keep an eye open!


Wendy Moz Lipinski do u like morrissey by any chance?just with ur hair being a quiff ? Good taste if u r x

Aiden Grimshaw Wendy Moz Lipinski: i didnt really get any choice, the smiths were my dads favourite band to sing to when he is pissed! Ahha


Charnice Maxted DO YOU LIKE JELLY?!♥

Aiden Grimshaw Charnice Maxted : yeah>>> unless its sugar free! sugar free is not for me!



Aiden Grimshaw Sophie Collins: someone adopted me a zebra! thought that was pretty random


Georgie Pascoe do you have a quiff today?

Aiden Grimshaw Georgie Pascoe; flacid hair today


Sabrina’ Batchelor Aiden! What colour socks are you wearing!? 😉 xxxxxxx

Aiden Grimshaw Sabrina’ Batchelor: one electric blue one light blue


Alice Hanmore If u could be another celebrity for a day who would you be and why?

Aiden Grimshaw Alice Hanmore: prince in his prime! or today not fussy hes still a ledge!


Alice Conners AIDENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GRIMSHAWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Voice over man voice. Can you do another of those acoustic videos soon please?!?!?? love, me, @alicee_

Aiden Grimshaw Alice Conners what would you like?


Cave Dweller says – Can’t find a question

Aiden Grimshaw Natalie Miron: NANDO’S question!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite is medium chicken wings!


Emily Salt Whats you favourite colour & Do you like Nutella?

Aiden Grimshaw Emily Salt: not a fan of nutella! like the colour purple!


Emma Katie Low I see so many twitter people on here! YO TWITTER GRIMLINGS!

Aiden Grimshaw Emma Katie Low I see so many twitter people on here! YO TWITTER GRIMLINGS!


Aiden Grimshaw love ed sheeran


Lydia Slaughter How do you like your eggs in the morning?? 😉 xx (Cave Dweller says: We might be wrong with this one; apologies if we are)

Aiden Grimshaw Lydia Slaughter: im good thank you lovely! how are you? had a great taxi journey today! made me happy


Emily Bannister what was the last album you bought?

Aiden Grimshaw Emily Bannister; matt cardle all or nothing… for me mum in hmv


Cave Dweller says – Can’t find a question; assume it was about XF USA

Aiden Grimshaw Nathan Edgar: i just love brian Bradley


Victoria Lindsey-Lougher WHEN ARE YOU GOING on the BIG ONE?

Aiden Grimshaw Victoria Lindsey-Lougher: oh god yeah! thought you’d all forgotten!


Jenny ‘Hutch’ Foreman Thoughts on The Stone Roses reforming?

Aiden Grimshaw Jenny ‘Hutch’ Foreman:absolutely amazing! think im going to see a show


Stacey Louise Knutsen are you finding it funny that this status now has over 1,000 comments on it?

Aiden Grimshaw Stacey Louise Knutsen ecting to be able to have a actual convo with peopke hahahahahha! love this commotion!


Amy Billington do you like the vaccines?! ♥

Aiden Grimshaw Amy Billington: dunno but im having a flu jab tomorrow!


Cave Dweller says – There were a few questions that this could have applied to

Aiden Grimshaw Emily Pearce: thank you so much! the support from you all has been amazing! unreal!


Freya Beale Will you be doing a tour? x

Aiden Grimshaw Freya Beale: i have now dont know the question but i will risk a yes!


Aiden Grimshaw so this has gone well!

3 comments on “Aiden Grimshaw Facebook Q&A Thursday 20 October

  1. kaphc
    October 20, 2011

    Wow! I saw this going on earlier today and couldn’t get to my PC to follow the thread on Facebook. Tried tonight and thought there’s no way I’m going to get through all the comments and find the relevant information – I gave up pretty quickly! So a massive THANK YOU to Cave Dweller for pulling all this information out, it’s very, very much appreciated! xx

    • Sign Aiden Grimshaw
      October 20, 2011

      Cave Dweller was delighted to use the tech again, bless the little troglodytic soul.

  2. Elle
    October 25, 2011

    “do you like the vaccines?” “dunno but im having a flu jab tomorrow!” ….. Brilliant.

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