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New Friday Project – Recommendations

First of all, sorry for no hotlinks but we don’t want this to come up in referrer logs as we’re still not sure about organised campaigns.

Have a look at this screenshot.

Excuse me, that’s just wrong.  Notice someone’s name missing? Want to do something about it?

On Friday, go to this web address

That will take you to this page

Scroll down to here

In that little box, fill in the stars and write your review.  Check or uncheck the tweet box and then hit the publish button.

It’s that simple.  Last week was the first week that the site has publicised this feature, so we don’t know how many reviews we have to beat this week.  Mighty as well go for it.  Hopefully he’ll get a mention in their blog if we all leave enough reviews.  Be your normal funny, creative and savvy selves and even if we don’t make the blog it’ll still be a good read!

Have fun, enjoy the rest of the week and join us in shouting:



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This entry was posted on June 16, 2011 by in General.

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