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Thank you!

I couldn’t go without saying thanks, and 140 characters just doesn’t cut it.  So, here we go.

To those who didn’t like the site or didn’t agree with the site but went with it anyway – thank you.  We saw your tweets and tried to make it a bit more friendly.  We couldn’t please everyone all the time but please believe that you weren’t ignored.

Thanks to everyone who ever @mentioned us or left a comment on the website.  The nature of the internet is that you never know if people are actually reading the stuff that is getting put out, and to know that you were kept it all going.

Huge thanks to everyone who ever suggested a trend.  If it wasn’t used we apologise; thank you for taking the time to think them up.

If you voted on a trend, thanks for that.  The votes helped decide what way to go with the next trends as we could see what was popular and what wasn’t.

To all the people involved in this site – huge thank yous. Whether it was a RT, a DM, a nod to possible trends being discussed, a sanity check or just encouragement when it all went the shape of the pear it couldn’t have been done without you.  You might think your contribution was small but it wasn’t.  Everything you did, or agreed to do but in the end wasn’t needed, was appreciated so much. In the words of Ranting Writer – Masai Thank Yous.

To Video Uploader.  There really aren’t enough words to thank you.  The work you put into this site is obvious on every page; the videos are just a small part of it.  Your suggestions and encouragement kept the site going. When it was needed most, you were there. It’s been a joy; I really, really can’t thank you enough. You are (guess the word…) amazing 🙂

To @mrstapster and all the family. You’ve all been raising families, running businesses, starting businesses, working, keeping homes running, arranging family events yet have always taken the time to engage with all the fans and keep us the Grimlings updated.  The support you gave to the site was brilliant and we really appreciate it.  And to @jambobee whose tweet inspired the madness – thanks for giving us something to do all winter 🙂

To everyone who ever tweeted or retweeted a trend – thank you.  We seriously couldn’t have kept the site going without your support and trust. You have no idea how many nights I sat here, counting down to the trend, thinking, “Eeeeeee, numbers are low, other trends are high, not enough people online, words won’t trend” and every night at 6 you would all pop up, chatting away to each other as you trended.  It was bloody brilliant to see.  At 6 every night a community was made and you did that.

Finally, to @mr_grimshaw.  The fans are only doing this because you inspire them to.  Whatever happens in the future we can’t wait to hear it.

So, that’s your lot. Despite all the Jails, whales, tour fails, false fan bails, computer derails, cancellation voicemails, Ticketweb emails you did it.  You kept Aiden Grimshaw in the TTs until the end of the tour.

What started in the freezing cold middle of winter is finishing on a beautiful sunny spring day.  We’re not going to go with the corny analogy but it feels good 🙂  We’re one day closer, people.  One day closer.


We have signed off every post (except trends) with the same wish and it’s as strong today as it was the first time we said it.  Our belief that it will happen has grown stronger with every performance video that we have watched and every vocal that we have listened to. Shout it out, and never stop believing that it will happen.  With his talent, and the work he has put in, it has to.


From @mrstapster

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