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Vote for the Trend Tuesday 5 April


We’ve added new tour videos here and here.  A new appearance date has been released and we’ve added it to the live gigs page.

When we say about our last trend being on Sunday, we mean it will be the last trend tweeted by us from here and @AGTrendSite.  If you want to trend there are enough tools on this site to help decide a trend – hashtags are difficult, nothing offensive, character limit, difficult words to trend, nothing damaging to AG or others, no copycat trends, no spamming.

The spamming is really important.  The last couple of X Factor trends – not yours.  Yours are things of beauty – tell the casual observer clicking on the TT nothing.  It’s just the trend and a load of numbers, or the same message repeated loads of times.  It defeats the object of a trend, or of trying to get a message out.  Tweeting the same thing over and over again, especially with an @mention in it, also defeats the object.  That’s partly why we say don’t tweet the trend to @mr_grimshaw.  A lot of fans send lovely tweets to him and we want him to see those; if we flood his timeline with the same thing over and over again it shuts out these messages.  Plus there is the danger of being blocked and reported for spam.  If you’ve worked hard building up your twitter followers you don’t want to lose them as twitter will close your account if enough people report you and they see evidence of spamming.

Also, we wont be going anywhere.  We’ll still be tweeting links to news stories and announced gigs.  We’ll be drawing your attention to tweets that need retweeting.  If you want our advice on trends just tweet us and if we’re about, we’ll answer.

So, the vote.  Options today are

Option 1 – ReleaseAGMusic

Option 2 – AidenGrimshawTunes

Option 3 – AidenGrimshawSolo

See you at 6 for the trend!

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This entry was posted on April 5, 2011 by in Votes and Polls.

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