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Vote for the Trend Saturday 2 April

Happy Saturday.  Getting even nearer to the end of the tour.

We see from the timelines that lots of us wont be about tomorrow.  Because of this TRENDING AT NOON ON SUNDAY.

Have you seen this tweet? Their Facebook page is here.  If you are in the Cork area and would go to the gig, let them know.

Last night twitter was good to us, although we know a lot of you had problems with twitter last night.  We think those issues led to it trending WW first, and for longer, so what twitter taketh away it also giveth.

Their TTs are weird again too.  We’re seeing some TTs that shouldn’t be there, or should be in a different country’s TTs.  We’ll see how that goes today.

So, the vote.




See you at 6 for the trend!

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