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Vote For The Trend 28 March


Quick word on last night.  Grimlings are really struggling on numbers, and when the trend hits TTs it isn’t staying there long as we are all spending so long trying to get it in there.  The more people we have at the beginning of a trend the quicker it hits, and the more chance we have of it going Worldwide.  We haven’t had a WW in a while; it would be great to have another one before the end of the tour.

Also, tweets are being sent to @mr_grimshaw with the trend, or mentioning Aiden Grimshaw in the trend.  This really hampers hitting the TTs and means Grimlings have to work harder to get there or in some cases miss the TTs altogether. (This is why we can’t trend The Big One to get more followers for @mr_grimshaw)

Trenders from this weekend – excellent stuff.  It was hard work, wasn’t it, but we all got there 🙂

So, options.  We never thought we’d say this, but we are mourning the loss of the hashtag.  We have nowhere near enough numbers (3 XF hashtag trends failed yesterday) but they are so much easier to say what we want and when we want it 🙂

Option 1 – ASGSings. Kinda like a compound word, yes, but short.

Option 2  – AGSolo. Same as above.  We would split it, but don’t want the Han SolO/AG Solo jokes.

Option 3 – Quiffed.   You are all very imaginative and will make it fit.  It’s been working for the past two days. 🙂

See you at 6 for the trend!


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