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Saturday 19 March -Trending at 12

Morning all.

What a horrible week.  To talk about it here on what is a fun site seems wrong and trivial.  Instead we will start by offering up these links.

Comic Relief (and we would pay £10 a day every day for the rest of our lives to watch George Michael and Smithy drive about singing Wham songs.)

Aiden Grimshaw Superfollow (we know he follows, tweets and RTs fans already, but this is a good cause that he is supporting, and we can too.)

Second Harvest Japan Over 6,000 metric tons of food is thrown away in Tokyo every day. Second Harvest collects food that would otherwise go to waste from food manufacturers, farmers, and individuals, and distributes it to people in need.  They are distributing food to those that desperately need it in the tsunami and quake hit areas. (Note – 1000 yen is approximately £7.65.  Conversion is here.)

Red Cross UK More than 4,300 people have died in the disaster, thousands are injured or missing, and more than 440,000 people have had to leave their homes. Donations to the British Red Cross will be used towards helping the Japanese people recover from this devastating natural disaster over the coming months and years. In the event that they receive more donations to the Japan Tsunami Appeal than the Japanese Red Cross and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement can reasonably and efficiently spend, any surplus funds will be used to help the Red Cross prepare for and respond to humanitarian disasters both here in the UK and overseas.


With regards to trending, please remember that trending is only one way to show support.  Following on twitter, “liking” and commenting on Aiden Grimshaw Music’s facebook page, watching and commenting on YouTube videos, signing the twititions, contacting venues (via twitter, facebook or email) asking if they have plans to book Aiden Grimshaw for any gigs, buying the magazines that @mr_grimshaw appears in.  We have also seen people tweeting TV shows and magazines asking if they have any articles or features with Aiden Grimshaw coming up.  This all shows support.

Some people don’t want to participate in the trending due to unfolding events.  They still support Aiden Grimshaw.

Today’s options.

(we know it’s Mrs Tapster’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday Mrs Tapster is too long to hit TTs.)

Option 1 BirthdayAtThe02

Option 2 PerformingAtThe02

Option 3 OnThe02Stage

See you on the timelines.  Trending at 12 noon due to the 02 concerts.


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