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Trend Review Wednesday 2 March

World War Three broke out here tonight.

Dear twitter,

Changing the TTs is a horrible thing to do, especially as we are so close to the end of the tour.

Although tonight, that was not the most horrible thing to happen.  At five to six, Cave Dweller emerged from their own private troglodytic paradise brandishing a piece of paper.  Thinking it was one of their Printouts of Doom we all ignored this, until Big Boss realised that it was a holiday request form for tonight.

Knowing that there wasn’t a Bionic Woman marathon showing on SyFy, we were perplexed twitter.  Until Cave Dweller announced that they were taking the time off to watch the Apple press conference starting at 6.

Yes.  Imagine our looks of shock and awe at the fact that Cave Dweller didn’t think to mention that the King of Geeks was doing a presentation to a room full of geeks about things beloved of geeks. And why they didn’t think that geek users of a social media platform also beloved of geeks would maybe want to discuss this.  DO YOU FEEL ME TWITTER?!?!

Straight away we saw the difference, didn’t we twitter.  Overall tweets across twitter were up as all the Apple fans flocked to twitter to drool over the new offerings.  Our overall tweets were also up, but against the onslaught it meant our percentages were down.

I gathered Marcellaux my faithful Capuchin Companion and stalked off to my louche and licentious lair to trend. Aid3n Music was of course played to soothe us, and soothe us it did, especially after hitting TTs in 35 minutes.

Then the cool thing happened, twitter (I can’t believe that I just used the word “cool” in a sentence.  You are killing me here twitter).  The TTs started filling up with Apple TTs,  For 15 glorious minutes the TTs read Apple stuff, Apple stuff, Apple stuff, Apple stuff, Aiden, Apple stuff. Great for raiding awareness, twitter, thank for letting us join the party (although if you want to talk about parties, you should have been at the Petty Seaman of the Year Awards in La Croisette.  Bliss)

Oh, sorry, lost in a merry reverie there.  Anyway, Cave Dweller is so far in the Book marked Bad a crack SWAT team wouldn’t be able to get them out.  They are most definitely on the naughty step.  No harm done, and it actually turned out to be a Very Good Thing, but I just want to make them suffer.  I defy anyone who has had to sit through their Kaboom-tattoed butt-numbing presentation, “Algorithms and their Algorithmic Nature in Determining Algorithms” to feel differently.  Even the City that Never Sleeps would struggle with that one.

So,  twitter.  Here we are.  One day closer.  Again we are that tantalising one day nearer.  Nearer to the reason why we’re trending.  The reason why we all go temporarily insane and voluntarily tweet leet speak and kreeaytyve spelung. The reason why we do this.  One aim, and it’s WHEN NOT IF TWITATTATATATAHH! When not if.

The Grimlings

See you tomorrow for the vote, and at 6.00 for the trend.  Spread the word that we are trending at noon on Saturday and Sunday because of the Wembley gigs.  Also, we should hit 100 soon if twitter is nice and we hit those TTs.  Leave your suggestions for the 100th trend on the Sugggest A Trend Page and we’ll start voting.  See you tomorrow and remember our one aim 🙂



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