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Trend Review Sunday 27 February

Morning!  How are we all today?

We tweeted just before last night’s trends about copycat trends and we were asked why we wouldn’t get involved in them.

This isn’t new.  We also won’t get involved in negative trends either.  If you have a look at the Site Concerns page, we said

Hitting that TT box is like gold dust.  Just because we have done it so often doesn’t mean we should get complacent about it, or think that we own it.

This means that we have to be VERY careful with what we put in that TT box.  It’s as good as a brand and is the public face that we put out.  We’ve all had a laugh at the spelling mistakes and cruel jibes at others that have made it onto TT or fans’ inappropriate trending.  Imagine how we would feel if that was Aiden?  We do have a bit of a responsibility not to open up a teenager at the start of his career to ridicule not of his own making.  We’re REALLY sorry that some of you feel “rules are for school” but we do have to watch what we say, especially in a trending topic.

That still applies.  Copycat trends are a nightmare as the original trenders get annoyed at what they see as “their” trend being hijacked.  Grimlings would be exactly the same.  We don’t have any need to do copycat trends anyway – you’ve all thought up excellent trends on your own.

It looked awful yesterday with Warriors and Grimlings arguing.  It was the Warriors first WW trend – remember how we were all jumping up and down with our first WW trend (was it Silvia?)  and yesterday we went in all guns blazing and it looked like we were stealing their trend – we don’t need to do that.

Also – this post isn’t a slam or a negative against any previous trends or any Grimlings, so no-one should take it as such.  Honestly.  It’s just our opinion – if you agree great, if you disagree that’s great too 🙂 NO HATEZ OR DRAMAZ ON THA INTERNETZ.

The whole Get X Signed is not a competition. Record Deals aren’t like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets – if one gets given it doesn’t mean that someone else misses out.  The Warriors, CLA and 1D can trend every day of the week, twice a day and it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to us and what we are trying to do. If it does then we have to re-examine why we are trending.

We’ve said umptyump times we’re not the boss of the trends; we’re just saying why we will no longer tweet copycat or negative trends.

Like we said up-post (look at me making up words just like Ranting Writer) hitting the Trending Topics box is like gold dust.  Since we have achieved it so often we may have forgotten that this is an achievement, and we shouldn’t belittle that or the efforts we all make to get there.

Have a look at the press about the campaign – it labels fans as dedicated and loyal.  Grimlings should be proud of that!

Yesterday was a double trend; we’ll see you later for the Vote and at 6 for the trend. See you on the timelines – wonder what we’ll love today?  Yesterday was all about Facebook and Heroes !

We will quote Ranting Writer’s closing statements though – WHEN NOT IF! Did we do that right? 🙂



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