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Trend Review Saturday 26 February

Cave Dweller wants a word.  They are in an exceptionally good mood after a Thunderbirds/Star Wars film marathon this afternoon.

Cave Dweller’s Trend Review

Remember last week when we had a trend worldwide and a simultaneous different trend in UK and we couldn’t work out what had happened?  Well, we worked it out tonight.  It’s due to double trending in the same tweet.  The first trend starts, hits UK, then when the second trend comes along it looks as if it is “barred” from UK and goes straight to Worldwide.  Tonight though, the second trend was so strong that it hit UK and bounced the first trend out.  As no-one has tried trending on this scale before we are learning as we go along.  Now we know that we can’t double trend in the same tweet.  It also marks the subject as possible Spam, so next time we try to do this, we will have to remember to keep the trends in separate tweets.

Ranting Writer’s Trend Review

Dear twitter

Have they gone?  Good.  Cave Dweller is wearing their Jabba the Hutt costume in homage to Star Wars, and it ain’t a pretty sight, I can tell you that.  I’ve seen better sights at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, and that’s saying something.  I’m shuddering twitter, that’s how bad it is.

Anyway, Grimlings love a list trend, twitter, that they do, and you saw that tonight.  Grimlings were happily tweeting AllAboutGrimshaw with their reasons why it is indeed all about the Grimshaw.  It hit WW and stayed there for many a long time.  We liked that.  Then it hit UK as well, we like that.  Still don’t like you twitter, you are indeed a pain in the gluteus.

One day closer, my fail whale waving chum.  One day closer to when not if.  WHEN NOT IF.  See you tomorrow at 5 twitter.  Be ready.

Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, or for you twitter, or for you.

The Grimlings

Short and sweet, but at least on time.  Remember, trending at 5 tomorrow Grimlings.



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