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Trend Review Thursday 24 February

Big Boss Wine Drinker’s Trend Review

We’re all out to play again to explain yesterday’s trend and what happened later on in the evening (mostly because Ranting Writer ranted themselves into a wibbling mess).

First of all there was the Get Well Soon trend.  Please don’t be sad that it didn’t make the trending topics.  This, more than anything, was to show support for a sick Grimling and whether you typed getwellsoon, GetWellSoon or #getwellsoon the support was shown.  It didn’t hit the TTs as there were so many versions of it about, and the most RTd version didn’t have capital letters so Twitter didn’t recognise it as a “Talked About” issue. Hitting the TT with this didn’t make your support more or less genuine. This was Grimlings supporting another Grimling.

Next is Griminal.  We know it’s Matt’s nickname for Aiden, but remember back to when we were all thinking about nicknames for Aiden’s fans.  Griminal was suggested but because there was a Grime Artist called Griminal the fans went with Grimlings.  If we tried to trend Griminal, the fans of the artist would jump in and then it wouldn’t be “our” trend.  Plus the haterz on both sides would come out and then – well, ugh.

While we are on the subject of haterz, we love what we’ve been seeing from certain Grimlings the past few nights.  Rather than winding up the haterz and it descending into namecalling they’ve been forwarding videos or tweeting back and forth why they are trending and it’s turning into quite a decent conversation.  Gives Grimlings a good name.

Which is great, as it appears that some Grimlings have been giving Diva Fever a hard time about them possibly getting a record deal, similar to when Belle Amie were thought to have a record deal.  We should be pleased for them – DF and AG are not in the same market, there is more than one record contract to go round, they are working hard as well, and the fact that so many contracts have been issued shows the depth of talent there was in this series.  We know sometimes as Grimlings we get really frustrated and want to howl at the moon – or the nearest twitter target – believe us, we know.  The amount of deleted posts and emails between the people behind this site are testament to that! Grimlings just have to sit tight, be patient and do what we are good at – hitting the TTs.  That’s how we show support, and Grimlings are bloody good at it!

Cave Dwelling Number Cruncher’s Trend Review

Oooh, talking to people again – twice in a week.  I may have to rewatch my Battlestar Galactica Betamax tapes in celebration.  Anyway, yesterday’s 6.00 trend nearly had to be called off due to twitter issues with the timelines, the API was playing up and tweets were being lost.  Although it took longer to hit TTs than it should have it did get there.

Then the big news of the night.  Once it hits 8.00 I switch off all my twitter software, with a small sob at the thought that I won’t see it again to the next night.  Then I slip into something more comfortable (last night it was my Thunderbirds Uniform) and watch something intelligent and world expanding (last night it was my Space 1999 boxset), safe in the knowledge that I won’t be needed until 4.00 the next day.

Until last night, when my alert beeped.  Grimshaw in the TTs.  Imperiossiblediddley.  But there it was.  A quick run of the software showed that there was a high volume of tweets for Eileen Grimshaw from Coronation Street (don’t watch it; not enough robots).  This was at the same time as MrG was online, so there was also a high volume of tweets for Aiden Grimshaw.  Twitter dealt with this by splitting Eileen, Grimshaw, and Aiden into 3 separate trends.  Grimshaw trended as it was linked to Eileen and therefore had “novelty algorithm”.  Aiden trended (on mobiles only) as there was a high volume of tweets saying “Hi Aiden” or “Follow Me Aiden” – no Grimshaw in that tweet.

Once Grimshaw appeared on TTs you saw what happened – it became linked with Aiden and both Aiden and Grimshaw sank like a stone from the TTs.

We can’t count Aiden as a trend as it only hit TTs on mobiles, not on the web and that’s how we count them.  Unfortunately, Grimlings can’t count Grimshaw either as Grimlings didn’t start it, didn’t build it substantially and when we did contribute to it, it made it fall out of the TTs.


Ranting Writer’s Trend Review

Oh twitter.  In the words of the Massive 80s Funkmeisters, Stretch, “I’ve been thinking ’bout what you have done to me.  The damage is much deeper than you’ll ever see” Yes.  Yesterday, not content with totally hitting us like a hammer to the head with shenanigans that made all look calm on the surface but screwed up behind your magic curtain, you threw us a curveball just as I was getting ready to paint the town WHATEVER COLOUR I DAMN WELL CHOOSE TWITTER. (Look what you have done to me twitter.  Made me write the longest sentence in the world.  I hates you twitter.)

Anyway, not content with making Big Boss call us all back in, twitter, I also had to junk my well written and researched trend review for GrimshawsLiveVoice as Cave Dweller needed some of my word count.  Did reading that make your soul shrivel and die inside a little bit, twitter?  Because writing it did for me, twitter, oh yes.  Poor Marcellaux, my faithful Capuchin Companion, also had to accompany me to the bouncy castle safe room this time, so great was our distress.  Normally he sits outside, chattering away and miming news stories or great novels for my amusement (His “Cider House Rules” is indeed a triumph) but last night the two of us stayed together, mourning the loss of our word count and raging at the injustice of a world where Coronation Street can ruin a perfectly wonderful evening.

So. fare thee well, twitter.  Until tonight.  Friday night.  One day closer.  One more day of great tweet reviews to read, wonderful tour videos to watch and pictures to gaze upon.  One day closer to WHEN NOT IF twitter.  When not if.

The Grimlings.

Vote for the trend will be up later today, as will the tour tweet reviews and tour videos.  Keep an eye on @AGTrendSite and we’ll post when they are up.  Have a great day and we’ll see you at 6 for the trend!



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