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Trend Review Friday 25 February

Dear Twitter

I have a strange feeling that I can’t quite identify, twitter.  I’ve never felt like this after a trend before and can’t explain it.   I am loathe to put it out into the interether as I know that everytime that I do, you come over and chow down on my kaboom tattoed ass.  The word that I am looking for is *whisper* content.

Big Boss kept out of my hair tonight, sitting on their gilded throne with a beatific smile on their face.  Cave Dweller only annoyed me once, coming out of their cave to witter on about search lines being strangled and running seven minutes behind.  I ignored her, as in between trending Marcellaux my faithful Capuchin Companion and I were re-enacting a particularly frenetic night out Tony’s Town of Tiki in Kau’i.

So GrimshawOnTheTour hit the TTs as if propelled by magic singing ringing tree dust as the top UK non-hashtagged trend.  Then before we could top up our Apple Martini the Worldwide topics looked even better with a little Grimshaw on it (JUST LIKE THE CHARTS WILL WHEN HE GETS SIGNED TWITTER JUST LIKE THE CHARTS WILL.)

So, as is my usual rant into the wireless, twitter, one day closer.  One day closer to WHEN NOT IF.  When not if, twitter,  See you tomorrow.  Don’t be a trumpetbeast and be nice to the Grimlings, there’s a good twitter.

See you on the trendside

The Grimlings

Well, at least it’s on the same night as the trend, which is nice.  See you tomorrow for the vote.  We’ll also update the tour tweets and video pages.  Have a fun Saturday!


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