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Trend Review Thursday 24 February

We finally found Ranting Writer

Dear twitter

Was reading my paper this morning twitter, as I am wont to do.  Well, when I say read, I mean that Marcellaux my faithful Capuchin companion was acting out various stories for my amusement.  It turns out that a fashion designer spent over a million dollars to stage a nine minute fashion show. (The mime for this was exquisite).

$1 million dollars to get his point across in 9 minutes.  Twitter, he should be a Grimling as we can get our point over in 9 minutes for no money whatsoever.  Nine minutes it took Grimlings to get AidenGSingingLive into the Trending Topics.  Cave Dweller was clapping their little troglodyte arms in excitement as soon as the trend started.  “It’s going to be a 15 minuter” they sang in their sandpaper tones.  In fact, twitter, when we saw the first tweet saying we’d trended we didn’t even check out software as we thought it was a mistake.  NO, TWITTER ‘TWAS NARY AN ERROR.  Grimlings’ fingers were flying over the keypads and smartphones as they listed the reasons why they loved AidenGSingingLive.  It was a beauteous sight to behold twitter, especially when the trend had climbed to the top of the UK trends and hit Worldwide Trends in UNDER HALF AN HOUR, BishyBashyBoshy!!  How’d you like that ya fail-whale brandishing old sot?

Yes, we saw it.  The failwhale came out to play last night, but by then the Grimlings had trended so cared not.  It did stop all the supportive tour tweets coming through, but we have caught up on them this morning.

We were going to ask why you were so nice last night twitter, but the fact is that Grimlings were just that good.  Another day closer to the day that we’re waiting for.  WHEN NOT IF TWITTTAATATATATAATAAAAHHH, remember that!

No love, love, love.  Because tonight is Thursday, historically a hard night for the trend so we are waiting to see what tricksy travails you have up your wireless access tonight.

The Grimlings

Voting for the trend here.  See you at 6 for the trend!


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