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Trend Review Tuesday 22 February

Oh twitter

Twitter you dirty dog, I’ve had enough.  I am not ready to call in defeat just yet, but I am  a gossamer A GOSSAMER TWITTER away from loading up my trusty blunderbuss (won in a game of shut the box in Nassau) and heading for the Trending Topics.

But why! I hear the Grimlings cry.  Twas an easy trend last night!

NO.  No it wasn’t.  Twitter has now got sneaky.  Instead of being up front and open, last night it was down low and mean.  Twitter Search wasn’t showing the trend in searches, and the software wasn’t picking it up either.

Cave Dweller, for a change, was calm and serene about the whole thing.  “If You Build It They Will Come.”  Yeah, twitter,  Cave Dweller has gone all Zen and Field of Dreams about the whole thing.  GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!  Cave Dweller was sure that at the 6.30 refresh it would hit TTs as the trend was being picked up in Search on Tweetdeck and Mobile.

Well at 6.30 the troglodyte seer was right as the Grimlings trending powers were proven again when AidensVoice hit both the searches and TTs – then promptly disappeared.  Heads were bashed off keyboards all over Get Aiden Signed Towers, until it popped back in, climbed to the top then BishyBashyBoshy – worldwide.

That’s what keeps me from walking away from you twitter – nothing stops a Trending Grimling.  Then I watch the performance videos from the tour and I think about AG getting signed and I am more sure than ever that it’s WHEN NOT IF TWITTAAAAAAAHHH!!  WHEN NOT IF.

I find it kinda funny twitter, but not as funny as I find you when we go for it again tonight.  See you at 6 twitter – and none of your sly shenanigans if you don’t mind.

Late again.  We’ll have to have words.  Vote for the Trend is up, we’ll see you at 6

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